Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phases in our lives: Evolution

Hey my blogger friends, a big SORRY for being absolutely irregular with blogging, i feel extremely sad for the fact that there has been no post since a week. To my defence, i have been really hard pressed with time. But on the hindsight, i think its not justified, as i hate it when i dont get to read new posts from my friends...

It seems i have set an unwritten rule, that i have to read a couple of post of my dearie bloggers, trust me they are my stress busters... :D, Thanks guys for being so regular, i appreciate, and i wish i could be like you...

The recent thought that has been lingering in my mind for a while, is the changes that we as the beautiful sex go through with each passing year.......
Me being in the profession of analysis of finances, got into the analysis of this as well...
I have always heard a comment from all my married friends, and i do second it,

"A mother in law can never be a mother to us, she has to be nasty, if not nasty, but for sure, she can never be as good as your Mom, There is only one Mom, and we like it this way" :D

This made we wonder, about is it really necessary to be bad to our daughter in law, will i be like that, and my analysis for the same:

We start of as girls, who are absolutely rigid, stubborn, dominating, aggressive, later move on to take the mantle of being the wife, the rock of the house, managing finances, taking care of the food, finances, move on to the eteranal role of a selfless mother, who could go to any extent to keep her kids happy......

But as life has its own ways, and since it always has to be a full circle, we end up being nasty, ruthless, and bitchy with our daughter inlaws.....
I think urge to be bitchy arises to keep ourselves normal and sane to the outer world, you cant always be good to all, and we as daughterinlaws are the stress relievers for our mother in laws.....
And oh yes, there is a parallel role of the grand mother, who is again loving and caring for her grandchildrens, but still bitchy for her daughter in law...

Going by this logic, i believe every mother in law, must be madly obsessed and in love with her daughter in law, cos she is her only way to make her normal and sane to the other part of the world...

May be God, wanted the beautiful sex to toggle with the extremes of being good and bad, in regular cycles.......

A beautiful quote for us the women with all the goodness and the quirks:

"Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece." ~Author Unknown



    but thing is I don like my MIL...DISCUSSION ENDS HERE:d

    but i like u and please be regular with yur posts:)

  2. @anamika: hehe, got the message in caps, lot of us share the same.....

    and oh yes, i would want to be regular like you, i am very regular in reading your posts... :)

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