Monday, August 16, 2010

Charcoal Scrub

I have been running out of my scrub routine since months, and with a very free weekend my skin demanded some attention. I didnt want the same age old Everyouth scrub, its not that i dont like it, just that, i am a kind of person, who gets bored of things pretty easily...........
I have been trying pretty hard to get hold of Biotique Papaya scrub, which Tanveer has tempted me to buy...but unfortunately its always out of stock at the place that i go for...

This prompted me to create a homemade scrub, since it was a lazy weekend, and i had all the time in the world to experiment....

Anamika from, had recently posted a review on Lush Coal cleanser, which just enticed me.......but the pricing part, Rs 600 for a 100gm soap, made me drop the idea...

I have heard rave reviews of Lush as a brand...and wanted to know if the products really work, but with the steep price, i was just not ready for buying it.

The lazy weekend prompted me to have my take on the charcoal scrub :)

This is my version of the Charcoal scrub:

1) Charcoal piece
2) Rose water

Grind the charcoal, add rose water, get a consistency of your choice, and apply.
Let it rest for 5 mins...

1) To my surprise it worked, my skin was baby soft and supple
2) I had some tinie winnie pimples, which just vanished, dont know how..
3) It kind of took care of the excess oil, and didnt leave my skin dry.

1) very hard to clean
2) Messes up the entire place
3) Abrasive, people with sensitive skin, pls make a note of this point

All in all, i found it worth a try...because no scrub gave me the soft skin, which this scrub gave me, and bonus is at the convenience of my home, and at almost dirt cheap price....


  1. great yaar...will try it..and let u know..

  2. @anamika: wow, i was so missing your comments... :)

  3. Hey!!!

    I am sipping my tea and enjoying your blog...have been not regular with it but will be now:)

  4. @anamika: aish hain madam ke, enjoy your stay at your parents place


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