Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oriflame Tomato Clay purifying mask

The review for this mask, has been overdue for long, the details of the products are as follows:
              Purifying clay mask that deeply cleanses normal to oily skin. Enriched with tomato extract to help diminsh pore size.

My experience with the product:

1) One of the best smelling mask i have ever experienced
2) Its a white colored mask, an appealing color for the ladies ;)
3) Makes your skin nourished, and no dry feeling
4) Skin feels soft and supple
5) Smells great, i have repeated it again, because its the biggest pro, i love applying it for its fragrance
6) Dries in less than 10 mins
7) The results are pretty fast, i look visibly fair
8) Daily use is recommended, and since it takes under 10 mins, quite feasible
9) Price, i dont find it expensive, it delivers what it says
10) Its works well for all type of skin, recommended especially for oily skin, but my friends with dry skin also like it
11) The packaging is good, and the consistency of the product is good, you just need to take a small amount, and straighaway apply to your clean face.
12) Regular use leads to reducing in pore size

1) Oriflame products have the standard flaw of depending on the consultants...

Well, the good news is Anamika, from, informed me, that anyone can become a consultant by paying 300rs, and on becoming a consultant you avail good discounts, and get a free starter kit...
I am not aware of the nitty gritties so far, but i do intend to be a consultant for my own selfish reasons, and not for business, as i feel some of the products that Oriflame makes are a stealer, where on earth would you get a lipstick for 69 bucks :D


  1. Tomato scrub.. sounds very interesting. In fact my mom once told me about a simple face pack. Take the juice of one tomato and add some multani mitti to it. Mix and use. It helps take off tan & reduce oiliness.

    This is gr8 ya, if we can become consultants at just Rs. 300.. its tempting me :)

  2. Yup u become a consultant and then I will become a member under u get points for making me a member under you..

    Oriflame head cald me once and she asked me to become a member ..but why not become a member under you and benefit you too when i want too.

  3. @Tanveer: i am going to try this tip, as such tomato does wonders to my skin...thanks yaa

  4. @anamika: i thought i could get all the details from you of how about becoming a consultant, and after your experience with it would try it.... :(


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