Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lotus White glow gel cream

Product description: Enriched with Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga extracts and Milk enzymes that are known fairness agents A revolutionary formula that blends the benefits of a gel and a crème It also contains sunscreens to protect the skin from harmful UVA&UVB rays that can darken the skin

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Price:  Rs 260 for 60 gm

I have been using this cream for the entire summers, and here goes my experience

1) It is a light cream, just glides on to your skin with minimal effort
2) Subtle feel good fragrance
3) Pricing is good, it lasted for me the entire summers
4) Availability
5) SPF 25
6) Reduces my brown spots :)
7) There is a brightening effect, a good glow, but this doesnt last for long :P

1) I have a problem with the glass jar packaging, i always have the feeling its going to fall down
2) Leaves my skin greasy in an hour, i can only apply it in the night.

Would you recommend: As an oily skinned person it didnt work well for me as a day cream, but as a night cream it rocks... I never expected such a remarkable reduction in my brown spots. 


  1. Sounds great as a night cream!! Great review Rentu :D
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  2. hey great review. i too have the same problem. leaves my face really greasy, but i bought a sample am not that unhappy. I think the emulsion works a lil bit better than this one. :)

  3. i want to try the micro emulsion frm this range..

  4. hmmmm i am still looking for a great moisturizer that doesnt leave any greasy feeling. oh well

  5. Wow, it works??!! gr8.. I'll get this on my next trip to the store :D

  6. @rakshanda: sure dear
    @anju: havent tried the emulsion yet, now after ur reco will surely get
    @bhumika: same pinch
    @rinz: seriously me too
    @tanveer: this might become ur holy grail, cos its great for dry-combination skin types

  7. Oh wow. I want to try this. Thanks for the review.


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