Friday, June 3, 2011

Olay body butter ribbons review

I am a sucker for body washes, shower gels...and have tried a lot of stuffs during my official onsite trips. My personal favorite has been one St ives. I am a big fan of St ives when it comes to their scrub and body washes.

Offlate i have been unable to buy St ives, cos of the availability issue, so i stumbled upon this...

Product description:
Body butter ribbons  satisfies very dry skin with intense moisture.The Aquacurrent science helps you move moisture to the parts of your body  that needs the most.The result , all of your body’s skin feels moisturized and is visibly improved in just five days

My experience:
1) Fragrance is so so, not that great, but manageable
2) Moisturies the skin well, and is not greasy at all
3) Pricing is decent
4) Availability

1) I have a big issue with packaging, the flip flop cap for the bottle that i got just doesnt work well. 
2) From a shower gel i expect great fragrance, which lingers on for a while, but here by the time i reach the bedroom the fragrance has vanished in thin air.

Would i recommend: No, a big no...This is an average to below body wash.


  1. oh thanks for the review rentu..I was quite attracted to it..good I dint :)

  2. I was planning on trying this out myself.. thks for the heads up :)


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