Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bye bye Blemish drying lotion

I recently had got myself a lot of cosmetics and skincare  from the US, expecting them to play wonders on my acne prone blemished skin, and this is one of the products that i laid my hands on....

Product Description:
Sulphur acne treatment

Uses: Dries and clears acne pimples (Apologies for the unclear pictures, still trying to learns the tricks of trade :)

My experience:

The bottle consists of a clear liquid at the top and pink sediment at the bottom, in a 50:50 ratio. The instructions given are not to shake the contents of the bottle,allow the sediments to settle before using.
Dip sterile cotton into the sediment, and apply it to the affected area.

For me, the usage was very complicated, as the bottle opening is not to wide to dip a cotton swab, after a week of cracking my brain as to how am i going to use it, i used Johnson buds to apply it on my face and fortunately it worked.

Well, the products works good as a spot treatment, of reducing the pimple size overnight, it smells of heavy sulphur, and it does make your skin very dry.

I have tried a lot of Retino treatments and my skin never becomes dry, but with this product it did become dry.

1) Pimple reduces in size within a day
2) Price seems to be ok

1) No relief per se with old pimples
2) Doesnt do anything for the blemishes
3) Dries your skin

Would you recommend: No, i think we have far better pimple treatements than this one, and hellno i wouldnt waste my money on it, and wouldnt recommend anyone for it.

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