Monday, June 25, 2012

Ponds white beauty daily spot less lightening cream

I have been using this cream for over a month, and i have been tempted many a times to write review about the same, when seeing all the dear blogger friends blogging about it. Had to resist the temptation, so as to check the spot reduction quality of the cream, which i believe any cream would require atleast a month to achieve, and it would have been unfair on my part to give a premature judgement.

Product Description: 
This nourishing non-oily light day cream with the new, cutting edge white beauty GenWhite formula SPF 20 PA++ works deeply to reduce dark melanin production.To lighten, brighten and fade dark spots, while providing instant radiance. Discover spot-less fair skin like never before, within the epidermal layer.

Price: 249 rs 

My experience with the product:
This has been a part of my office makeup bag for over a month, and i have been satisfied with it. The biggest draw for the products is its ability to vanish into your skin, and adjust to your skintone, and give a polished look.

1) Vanishing cream which instantly blends beautifully as per your skin color, and gives you not so dewy not so matte kind of finish. Its the kind that you achieve after dabbing compact over your cheeks, Perfect 
2) Smells good 
3) Non comdogenic 
4) Priced well 
5) Leaves your face oil free for 4 hours(Ac envt), without Ac(1.5 hours or so), even without using a compact. Even under the hot sun, it doesn't given an oil slick pan look, its a pretty decent look 

1) Doesn't work on spots, i wished it did that, it would be the miracle product then 
2) Bulky packaging, for me i am really not bothered with tub, or tube, the problem is i carry this in my office bag, and its so heavy because of the bulky packaging, i would love it to be released in a light weight packaging. 

Would you recommend: Yes, this is one product which has exchanged places with my loyal friend Lotus 3 in 1 safe sun matte, though i like Lotus 3 in 1 matte, but i love this more. I just dont need to apply compact,with this one product application am ready to go.. Saves time, gives me the kind of look that i want in much lesser time.

The only grouse which i have is the bulky packaging.


  1. Did it work even thoda sa on spots ?? :( ... these creams show us bade bade sapne ... but :( !!

  2. @khaddu: its doesnt work on spots, but trust me its very nice, it gives the appearance of a beautiful even toned skin,with lightened scar marks for atleast 4 hrs. I am actually impressed with it.

  3. does this help even out the skin tone over time ?

  4. @Coral crue: well it has not helped with evenin of skin tone, but it does give an evened out look for 3-4 hrs

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