Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gel vs Cream vs Emulsion

So is their really a difference in Gel, Cream or emulsion or these are fancy gimmicks used by cosmetic companies to fool us.

Well if you are amongst the one's who doesnt know the difference between them, welcome to the club... 

I had been curious about this terms from the earlier on, but never really researched, Lotus White beauty emulsion, instigated the curiosity... The lazy me that i am i ignored. 

It was a discussion with my brother who is a doctor, that led me to actually find what is the difference.

While i was browsing through a cosmetic store, i said, emulsion suits me more than the cream and  the only thing that he said was marketting gimmick to fool public, and the next sentence on the very same day at the Chemist shop was you are oily skinned use Retion ac gel and not cream. 

The coincidence of the conversations surrounding gel, cream and emulsion forced me to research on it.

Further probing with my brother would not have led to any answers as he was back to watching cricket (guys !!!).... 

However fortunately the conversation finally lit the fire of actually finding whether cream n emulsion are the same, were we fooled by cosmetic brands. Do cream and gel have to be used by different skin types.

One liner defintions from various sources in the Internet (Wikipedia)

Cream: cream is a topical preparation usually for application to the skinCreams are semi-solid emulsions , that is mixtures of oil and waterEmulsion of oil and water in approximately equal proportions 
Emulsion: An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible.
Gel: Liquefies upon contact with the skin. 

The summary of all what i could gather and research was, an emulsion is a mixture of two liquids which generally dont blend well, thus EVERY CREAM IS AN EMULSION

so we just have 2 elements left with us Cream and Gel... 

and the  Second important aspect of the hard work that i was putting in was 

Yes using of a cream or a gel depends on your skin type, now i know the rationale as to why my brother says stop using creams, go for gel based solutions. 

Generally, if you are using retinoids for acne, gels are the preferred choice. They are less emollient and therefore aren't as pore clogging, which can be a life-saver for those with very clog-prone skin. Gels also enhance penetration, making the retinoid stronger and more effective. However, as a trade off, gels tend to cause more irritation and dryness-related side effects.
Creams may be better choices for those with dry and/or sensitive skin. Their emollient base makes them less penetrating than gels, but they are usually less irritating as a result. Cream-based retinoids are also perfect as anti-ageing products. However, the cream vehicle, usually oily, can be problematic for those with acne prone or finicky skin.
In terms of retinoid strength, gels tend to be stronger than creams because they enhance penetration whereas the oils in cream bases act as slight buffers. Alcohol-based gels are stronger than water-based gels, which in turn are stronger than cream-based retinoids. 

I hope the information has been helpful and helps us in making the right choices for ourselves :) 

P.S: My understanding's have been based on whatever little i could find on the internet with the limited time that i have. Wherever possible i have tried to put links, please your discretion with usage of products based on your skin type.

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  1. Hi,
    I know I am posting on wrong blog.. Just wanted to share my exp. so here it is.. I too have oil skin ( acne prone :( ) with Dermatitis(around lips .. )skin will be dry. Dermatologist suggested me Cetaphil Cream/lotion for face. its worth try. I m using it since last 3 year .. Not even Single bad word....


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