Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love your woes

Well, the idea of creating a blog just came up all of a sudden, there has been no serious thinking into it, and niether do i have the inclination or the brains to think ;)....and i am honest enough to admit, i am no expert, rather a hyperactive brain finding ways and means to express myself...

This blog is created with the intention of dealing with your problems, or rather finding out ways and means of demolishing them, and being at peace, Loving your self with or without problems..

The first problem that i would be exclusively dealing with is OILY SKIN
I have been born with oily skin, the overactive sebacous glands, which just keep on producing oil to no end, i think my skin produces more oil, than any refinery........

I have been checking out a whole lot of websites(pages from india), on dealing with one of my perennial problems which is oily skin, and after doing a whole lot of GOOGLING, i realized, quite lot of people suffer from the same, and have no recommendations or help from the web, rather there are generic statements like, avoid alcohol based products, use noncomdogenic products, now what the heck is that :-o, Bloody i am a normal girl, who is no expert beautician, and need to solve my problem, give a prduct name to try x-(, and Eureka, the idea of blog took b

So this blog, would be just to give a pure product recommendation based on my oily skin, and my experience with the products...

I would however like to clarify, each one has a different skin tone, and adaptability to products....
The same product might or might not have the same reactions to you.
So a safety disclosure ;)
The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only.

A brief on my skin,
  • extremely oily
  • prone to pimples
  • large pores
  • thankfully less of blackhead and white head

The first products that seems to have caught my fancy is VLCC astringent...and i think this has to be amongst the first set of product if we go by the norm of cleansing toning moisturizing, in that sense, so managed to hit the bulls eye... :D
Please bear with me, cos honestly i am no beauty expert, but someone who is in the journey of unraveling my problems.

My experience with the VLCC Punarnava astringent

Directions to use: Apply with a cotton pad, on your clean face.

Pleasant experience: First reaction, a tingling sensation all over your face, dont get scared by this, as you would get used to the same in a few minutes, and later get obsessed with it, like me

It makes you feel fresh as a flower....it lifts your spirit...

Just perfect for an early fresh morning :D

Feels extremely cold, along with the tingling sensation, which lasts for roughly ten minutes, and trust me, it feels heavenly those ten minutes...

I have been using this product for the past 15 days, and observed a noticeable difference on the pimple front, they have reduced in numbers, which is a plus

I would ofcourse have wanted the tingling sensation to last for a while, but all goods things dont last too long :(

After application, and once its absorbed by the skin, it definitely needs to be followed up by a moisturizer...

And i havent yet come up with a moisturizer which satiates my need the way this one, so as long as journey continues on finding a moisturizer which suits me to the T, the blog would have to wait...

And yes if some one has a suggestion, pls do post it...welcoming all suggestions....

Verdict: Big thumbs up, sure buy for me... :D

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