Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Atiti Devo-Bhava ;)

Atithi Devo Bhavah means that guest is God and should be treated like a deity. 'The guest is God' is Indian tourism's version of the customer satisfaction slogan, 'customer is king', once preached by Peter Drucker.

Many of you, might think, what is this got to do with the blog which claims to deal with real life problems, ahem :)

The question is aren't, Guest sometimes a problem when they come without a notice, and are demanding.
Well i agree Guest is God, to avoid sounding rude, i would want Guests to visit me with prior intimation, or visit me when i am in the best of mood to entertain them......
Ofcourse i too love the house surrounded by people, and peels of laughter, and i believe Guest also bring good luck, and if you treat them well, we would be blessed with the same...And its my innate desire to keep them pleased and happy as long as they are at home

But as a working women, and being a short tempered female, i am not always in a jovial mood, so to entertain guest, i need to given a short notice atleast........

I think my home, is forever a welcomer for guest, i have atleast one guest a week....and with being just 2 people at home and guests pouring in regularly, i have some experiences as to how to handle the guest menu..It might come handy.......

The menu goes.......

1) Pav Bhaji: My only motive for chosing Pav bhaji, over roti sabji is, i atleast dont have to make rotis, it saves me the trouble of making roti, and with just the bhaji made, i am more or less comfortable with the main course smoothly taken care of...
For this i make sure, i always have some boiled potatoes handy in the fridge, if the guest dont drop in, i can use it for sandwiches..

2) Sev puri: as a snack item, use the boil potatoes, and green chutney, plus imli khajoor chutney.
I alwys have green chutney and khajoor chutney handy with me.

3) Bhajiya: If i am running out of chutney, nothing else but the good old bhajiyas, i make bhajiyas with all those leftover veggies, and everything that is lying in the fridge, capsicum, flower, cabbage, carrot.

4) Sandwiches: Or the last resort Sandwiches........See the point just having some boiled potatoes handy can go a long way, and save the last minute stress. The main course and snack can be taken care of with the boiled potatoes in my case... :D

5) Kheer: This gets cooked instantly in 15 mins, and the desert is taken care of :)

This is how i manage to satiate my guests.........
Let me know your tips as well, so that i can use it for the guest who have been the victims of the same menu.... :D


  1. wow..really interesting.. lovely blog..following you

  2. @srividhya: Thanks for the generous comment, made my day

  3. I love calling guests at home Rentu..some how living in another city makes me want them more..

    i liked your bhaji idea a lot..I use to keep boiled potatoes with me but afterwards i realised that it was me who was eating them more..so now i use frozen paneer:D

    Also it is always good to have guests which helps you..who so ever comes at my place helps me in serving or making chapatis..I guess nowa days people don want to be burden on others..

    and yes I am too short tempered like u..I shout , take it out and then feel bad why i did that:D

  4. like u said u always keep green chutney handy with u..how long does it last? is there any way to store green chutney for 5-6 days?

  5. @anamika: My green chutney lasts for 10-15 days, i keep it in the freezer section, and also, i put a drop of oil while grinding it. Also i dont make it watery, as and when required i take the required quantity and add water to it.

    Hehe, we seem to be soul sisters, to be equally short tempered and later feel guilty of it :)

  6. Ohh thas a great tip Rentu...I will try it ..you have solved a big problem of mine...because I want to include lot of raw green in my diet.:)

    oohh you to feel guilty. Lolz..I thought its only me:D

  7. I usually order BEER and some chicken item from outside. Just incase homedelivery might not be possible sometimes so i keep beer in my fridge always. I dont like guests coming to my house giving prior notice as i will be locking the door and go outside to tease my guests. Also if my guest is giving me prior notice then i will ask him/her to bring something while coming to my house. he he he.
    So my would be guests, try not to give me prior notice and just come in.
    "After All Atithi Devo bhava" ;)

  8. @Sai: Good that you already let me know your strategy, i know how to be your guest now :D


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