Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonderful goodies in my backyard

It had almost been over a week of my suffering with the mouth ulcers, i tried all kind of solutions like having B-complex tables, switching to a liquid diet, but to no relief......
I believe, my ordeal lasted for long, cos of my husband and my colleagues prayers, they were having a fun time seeing my antics...i am amongst those female who yaks a lot. And i completely agree to the fact that, this would have been the best one week of their life :P.....Well, my husband even says, i forget to breathe while talking....To give a relief from my mouth ulcer problem, my dear brother came up, saying did you apply glycerin at the ulcer, i said no, i applied mouth ulcer gel which i got from the chemist. Well my brother is an MBBS doctor, and never in my dreams did i expect him to rubbish off a medicine and use things from the backyard, which leads to this post :D

Some utility of the goodies from my backyard:

1) Glycerin: For treatment of ulcers, can double up as an ingredient for facepack, or works well as lip balm..
I use in my batter for making softer cakes.
Can be used to nourish dry hair....and oh yes, it tastes great.

2) Camphor tablets: Ingredient for facepack. Works well as natural mosquitoe repellant, just keep 2-3 camphor tablets in a cup of water, and mosquitoes would not trouble you.

3) Instead of naphthalene balls, which make your clothes smell yuck, why not use dried neem leaves to keep your clothes off pest. Also neem leaves can be put in rice, and other grains to keep it longer and away from pest.

4) Curry leaves: Crush the curry leaves, and heat it with oil, and then apply the oil, you will have naturally black hair, and a good hair growth as well. These oil can also be used to relieve from aches
Oh by the way, i have a small curry leaf plant at home :D, and intend to grow tomatoes as well ;)

5) Methi powder: This is a potent treatment for dandruff, as well as acne.

6) Vinegar: Add 2 spoonful in one glass of water, and scrub your kitchen platform with it. It will smell good, and keep insects away, i do it once a week. Also it can be used to clean the microwave, just microwave the liquid for 2 minutes, and microwave would be free of all the food smell.

7) Aloe vera: For immediate cure against burn, quick soother, and calmer...Aloe vera can be consumed to improve your metabolism, and is a good solution for constipation...

I have a desire to have a cottage garden, wherin i have my own, homegrown goodies. I have started off with curry leaf plant, and hibiscus, and the next in line are tulsi, and aloe vera.....This is my way of contributing towards a greener planet, and using my goodies for well being, i hope guys you too start with going green and enjoying the backyard benefits...:D


  1. Dear Rentu,

    I hope you got rid of is a small problem but is quite irritating and that too for a week..

    I have never used glycerin in my is really a great tip..

    also like you I have aloe vera plant and curry leaves in my home...The moment i shifted i got them:) I apply aloevera on my face, hair and hands.. i wish to swim in it as it has done miracle to my skin...

    tell me one thing neem leaves which has tobe used when storing warm clothes should be fresh or dried one..?

  2. @Anamika: hi dear, finally got rid of the ulcer, thanks to glycerin..
    For your question, its dried neem leaves, i buy lots of them, and then put in rice, grains, and put in cupboards, shelves, all the place which i want to be away from pest

  3. Thanks a lot for those wonderful helpful tips. Yep, I agree with neem leaves in grains, they work well. Will try camphor next time, before taking a stroll to the garden.

  4. @Malar: hi there, its reallie nice, when people like your tip, thanks for lifting up my spirits...

  5. Hey Rentu,

    I just checked your mail and replied to it..My net was not working to day so couldn't reply that time.

  6. @anamika: yes dear checked, you relived me :)


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