Sunday, July 18, 2010

Too Much is Too Bad

The other day, when i read an article in the newspaper, the link is here:

I kept pondering over the article, are we too fitness obsessed, or sensitive, or has our immune system gone for a toss, that mere things cause havoc to our systems.

I remember my parents, grand parents, eating things at their own fancy not worrying about the calories, sweet intake, or BP, diabeties, and me being just in 20's wondering of adding lauki juice, and all tasteless juice to my daily diet, am i doing it right, or just being too perfectionist, and playing with body's natural way of adjusting to changes.

After a lot of thought i realized, in my grandparents generation, he had fresh fruits out of his farm, he was assured of the quality, he would work hard in the farms, and i have an almost sedentary lifestyle, and may be i need to take care of my intakes, but not overdo and become mechanical....

Some pointers that i have started doing, please follow it with your tips as well:

1) I have avoided buying shiny apples, dont know, how much of you are aware, but apples are being polished with shiny wax, to make it tempting to the eyes, and avoid rottening process. The sad part is the wax is inedible, and the only solution left is to peel the skin and have it.
One of my colleauge got one spoonful of wax, while cleaning the apple, and this is scary, and i have avoided buying shiny apples

2) For people who have kidney stone problem, please donot combine Spinach with Tomato.

3) If your veggies taste different from what is expected of it, please dump it, they have been chemically treated, and its better to be safe. The reason behind the scientist death was he had consumed, bottleguard which tasted bitter, as it had become poisonous cos of chemical fertilizer over dose, and poor fellow didnt realize it as he combined the juice with bitter gourd and assumed the bitter gourd to be bitter. Dont play with the law of nature, bitter gourd has to be bitter, bottlegourd can never be bitter.

4) Follow "Too much is Too bad" principe, it is good to incorporte a healthy lifestyle but lets not get addicted to it, and become victims of our own plans, give body its share of ups and downs by going haywire with the diet and prepare for the jerks ;)

Its all about Loving ourselves, and lets incorporate a logical lifestyle, ensuring not to go overboard, and having a few cheating here and there... :)


  1. Hey Rentu,

    U know my friend got apples for us and it stayed in my fridge for 1 month and didnt get spoiled..i realized how badly it must have been coated with chemical that ut refuses to get is just not natural..

    bottle gourd is an amaizing remedy but yes bitter bottle gourd is no no for sure..

    few more of my experience..

    i got some green leafy vegetable..can not recollect its name right now.when i started cooking it left it color ..i was shocked.

    with all these chemicals starting from tooth paste , food , juices and milk how can we stay healthy...butbest thing is that we are now aware and try hard to be healthy..

    i will surely peel my apples before eating them or making juice of them..they cost 150 rs kg and i thought costly the apply better the quality...:(

    sorry for a detailed is just that i was about to knock you to write a post on your blog:D

  2. @anamika: Green veggies leaving color, thats scary...This adulteration is seriously hazardous, and getting rampant, i hope the government does the needful.

    Thanks for the comments sweets, you make me feel wanted :)...and i too had the same feel of apples, the costlier the better, but it seems the other way

  3. I agree. Overdoing anything is bad, whether it is diet or exercize. Things should always be done in moderation.

  4. @Pallavi: oh yes, moderation is the keyword, rather getting obsessed about anything...


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