Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Relocation woes

I would have never given a thought for this topic, had i not been the one who faced it, and went through the stress associated with it.
Lot of my friends relocated after marriage, and went through their set of problems, back then i was confident, i would never have to relocate, but as Fate had its way... I had to relocate, change is inevitable, the only constant thing in life you may say :).....

Relocating after marriage can be an uphill task. You have to say goodbye to almost everything and everyone that you held dear. From your best friend next door to your favourite corner of at French window… it’s not at all easy. But then again it’s a new start, a new beginning

With the advent of mobile, internet, the social networking sites the emotional longingness for your near and dear one can be managed to a certain extent, but relocation by itself creates a lot of stress

These are some tips, that i came across in one of the websites and thought would be useful for people who have to or intend to relocate:

1) Google out the place: Try to do some research about the town or country you will be relocating to. Google! It’s the best way to learn the local nitty-gritties. The most important thing is to try and learn the language of the place you are moving to or at least the basic ABC… so you know how to find your way home in case you get lost!

2) Enter the friend circle: Keep a positive outlook and enlist your husband’s help too. Most of the time his office buddies will have wives in the same situation and you can have a readymade circle of friends instead of struggling on your own.

3) Your own career: Don’t give up your career until you’re very sure that it’s what you want to do. Give yourself some time to search for alternatives in your new destination, as this is a great way to interact with new friends and learn new skills. As soon as you reach your new town start interacting with professionals of your own field. Yes, you might feel like the odd duck and cliques would have already been formed but unless you go out and socialise, you will always remain the new girl in town.

4) Keep in touch: Don’t forget to keep in touch with friends in your old town too; you never know when you might need their help.

5) Inculcate hobbies, join a dance class, aerobics, cooking class: Try to keep yourself busy, by finding time for hobbies, rather than waiting for your husband to come back, and ending up feeling lonely the whole day.

6) Try exploring the new place by yourself once you are confident of the language and about reaching back home safe ;), and anyways, husband is just a call way....


  1. Hey Rentu,

    it seems as if you wrote this one for me..Learning telgu will take me years yaar..but yes i have found my husband friends wife..and thank fully i have followed every point which you have mentioned leaving beside learning the language..

    but yes it is so so so difficult to settle down in another place..

  2. @anamika: i agree to the fact that learning a language is extremely difficult, i have managed by just mugging the absolute essentials of the language ;)

  3. Good tips for anyone facing relocation blues.

  4. U know one day i went to buy nariyal paani..i failed to tell the woman that i need 4 nariyal paani and not one..every body around me was laguhing..

  5. @anamika: hehe, i can understand, it must be a game of dumbcharades ;)

  6. These are nice tips Retnu.. & I whole-heartedly agree on the career part. It is important to keep doing something that involves you and helps you grow professionally and personally. I have seen women who sit at home, and give up a career, slowly lose faith in themselves and suffer from low self-esteem.


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