Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dabur Vatika fairness face pack review

I am not someone who is a makeup expert, or the one who would love to try very many products....so i am the kind of person, who would obediently read the review of my trusted blogger friends, and then buy it, To be short and precise, i am stingy by nature, and i cant stand the fact that i have to waste a product as it didnt suit me...... I have a sensitive skin, which can breakout for no apparent reasons.....

As i was browsing through the shop, i came across Dabur Vatika fairness face pack, i scratched my head hard thinking, whether i have come across a review for it, and i realized there was none, but still there was something drawing me towards buying it.....may be the price, it just cost 50 bucks..... I thought to myself, even if its a waste, its just 50 rs, not a big deal.....

What the product claims:

Dabur Vatika Fairness Face Pack, a unique formulation , is a result of intensive scientific research by Dabur Research Foundation. It is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin and make it fairer in a 3-step action, thereby giving your skin radiant fairness in just four weeks.

*Three step action gives your skin radiant fairness in just four weeks.
*Chandan, Milk and other ingredients remove dead cells.
*Kesar and Mulethi enhance the complexion by altering the melanin formulation in the skin.
*Haridra extracts and other Ayurvedic herbs give you a blemish-free fair skin.

Key Ingredients:
*Glycerin, Herbal extracts

Wash Face. Pat skin dry. Apply the Face Pack evenly on your face daily avoiding eyes and mouth. Let it dry for sometime. Wash it off, while rubbing with hands, and discover fairer skin

My experience with the product:
1) It smells pure chandan
2) has a lovely pinkish color, which is a major draw
3) Doesnt leave your skin dry, and there is an immediate beautiful glow on your face.

This is a face pack with immediate results, daily usage is recommended, but i generally use it for special occasions, as the results are visible within 10 mins..

A word of caution, please dont apply near to your eyes, as i have observed, once the product starts working, your eyes become watery.
There is no tingling sensation, but the product by itself generates some heat, which makes the eyes watery.

Its an easy to apply face pack, and takes 10 mins to dry, has become a part of my holy grail, especially good, if you have pimples on your face, as it has a drying effect on pimples, the pimples reduces in a day, and leave no blemishes

Verdict: Its a stealer for the price......


  1. Great review Rentu....is the product drying and does it bring a good glow..?

    sorry i ask too many questions but I know you will answer them for me..

    <3 you:)

  2. yes it brings a very good glow on your face, its like an instant fairness pack...
    Once you wash your face, it doesnt leave your skin dry, or stretching, i dont even apply a moisturiser, as i feel its very well nourished, as it has glycerin, its a nice glowy feeling...
    Trust me, do try it....
    Use it atleast once a week, daily usage will bring great results...

    And dearie i am never bogged down by your questions, i love it when you comment :D

  3. wow, sounds good.. will def try it out :)

  4. @Tanveer: yes dear, it is a stealer, worked well for me, i hope you like it too

  5. Hi All, Its an very good product, i am using it from past 4 yrs.


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