Thursday, August 5, 2010

Unspoken Communication

Since there is so much of buzz about the movie Aisha, chick flick, paves way for chick jokes.

We girls have so much to discuss, the tank tops, the anarkalis, the blush, the skin tone, my my, and poor guys how boring..........
Thanks Pallavi, for the wonderful mail.......had me in splits :D


  1. This was sent to me by my husband..

    in fact he told me today that if we go to a shop we know what we have to get and we will get back with it..

    if a girl goes to shaop she probably will get every thing and forget about the product for which she went:D

    so true naa:D

  2. @anamika: my husband absolutely hates shopping, he says, you dont have a target in mind, you just end up doing mindless shopping, i just ignore him and continue it my way :)

  3. You are welcome dear! Women do tend to watch other women(their makeup, dress, style) even if they are shopping.


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