Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oriflame Optimals Radiance Energy Powder Scrub

I started using Oriflame products  a year back, out of curiosity, and now i have become a die hard fan of them......Oriflame products are always on the extreme, either they suit you, and are a gem or they are absolute trash.......
With Oriflame products, its either a Hit or a Miss, there is no Middle path :)
Some of the range that they come up with are exclusively meant for Nordic skin types, which is very different from our Indian skin tone

Price: Rs 790
What the product claims: This revitalising soft powder scrub enriched with Papain immediately illuminates and brightens skin. Mix half a coffee spoon of the scrub in your hands with a little water and apply on moistened face. Massage into the skin until the fine scrub changes into a delicate mousse. Rinse off. Suitable for all skin types. Can be used once or twice a week. 40g.

My experience:
1) Smells good, its a gentle scrub.
2) Illuminates face instantly, but is not long lasting
Unfortunately, i have not much pro's for this product

1) Its too smooth a scrub, i really dont feel it does anything to exfoliate
2) The PRICE
3) If i have to compare it with everyouth walnut and apricot scrub, i would rate everyouth by far better..

I am personally not satisifed by the Optimals Radiance range from Oriflame, it didnt work well for me, i think this range is not for the Indian skin, this would actually suit the Nordic citizen who are blessed wtih a smooth skin, and pollution free place...
I was absolutely annoyed with this product for the price, it didnt do anything to my skin.. :'(

Verdit: Absolute No.......
Incase you are interested in the radiance range, pls just buy one product and try, rather than buying the entire range which costs a lot, i feel i have been looted for the price

Next on cards is Oriflame tomato and clay mask, which is a gem from the Oriflame range


  1. u know Rentu..the best scrub are the one which have the tiniest particles(this i read in a magazine) but we actually don get the feeling of being scrubed..i used one oriflame scrub i don remember the name but when i didnt feel the exfoliation i left it..

  2. Wow, 800 bucks! that is an expensive scrub. Too bad it didn't have any good results, thks for telling us about this and saving our monies :)

  3. @anamika: yes i had the same feeling with it, dint feel any exfoliation... :(

  4. @Tanveer: I know, 800 buck, very expensive, and a royal waste........Thats the reason i thought of posting about it, so that people get aware of it


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