Friday, August 6, 2010

Oriflame Visions V* Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Review

One of my close friend is an all time Oriflame fan, and she chose to be an Oriflame consultant, so that she could just order products for herself.......Seeing her obsession with Oriflame, i was curious to know about it.....
I was always aware that Oriflame is a Swedish brand, and has a name for itself, i had seen many aunties discussing about Oriflame in the train, and raving over the products when i was a child, and when these things didnt really matter to me......

Thus began my tryst with Oriflame, the best product that i got my hands on was: Oriflame Visions V* Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow Review...

What the product claims: Tinted gel that moisturises skin and provides a natural, peachy glow. With vitamin C and pro vitamin B5 to help even-out skin tone. Wear alone or under make-up as a luminising base. For all skin types. 30ml.

My experience with the product:
1) It gives you the perfect glowy finish, niether too shimery, neither too matte, the perfect balance.
2) Just require a pea size, and blends well
3) One shade suits all, i dont know how, but it actually works, i have seen the same pack working for people fairer than me, and people with darker shades
4) Have been using for almost a year, doesnt lead to breakouts.
5) A small tube, which can easily find space in your bag.
6) The consistency of the product is pretty good, neither too watery, nor creamy.....
7) I cant just get enough of this product...., the best part of this product is you donot require anything over this product, it is a self sufficient product with good dosage of Vitamin C, and pro vitamin B5, doesnt leave my skin oily, i just have to apply a pea size of it, and i am on my way to office...and to top it, the product is decently priced, one pack lasts for around 2 months.

1) The product is forever out of stock, and only available through Oriflame consultants. The problem with Oriflame products is accessibility.

I am actually obsessed with this product, so i use less than pea size, when my friend who has become a consultant says that it is out of stock :(

Give it a try, its a one stop product taking care of the glowy skin finish. The product has got a top rating.

For more information visit,

I was glad when oriflame had a website for India, i thought i could get my products online, but no such luck, it still follows the policy of approaching through a consultant, which i find pretty annoying.


  1. I have heard so much about this Skin Glow, but i just can't find an Oriflam consultant here in Mumbai. It sounds so damn amazing! *eyes product on Retnu's dresser with jealousy*

  2. I cannot tell you how much i love oriflame products- theyr so difficult to find because they only sell through consultants and well the consultants are hard to find too..ugh...annoying..i used to love their shampoos and am currently using a lipstick that i cannot live without..

  3. @Tanveer: The problem with Oriflame, is accessibility, i am absolutely fond of their, conditoners, hair mask and compacts. But i am running out of stock for all of them, :(

  4. @Mehak: Thanks for dropping by... :D, hey have you tried the Cocunut hair mask for dry hair... I have heard great reviews about the same...... I wished Oriflame starts selling products online, i wouldnt have to run around finding consultants...

  5. hey Rentu..

    I have just tried 2-3 oriflame products and till now my experience have not been bad..

    y do u run around consultant ..just be a member by paying rs 300 and product will be delivered at yur place and u will get the discount too.

  6. Really Anamika? Is it that easy..i never knew you could just become a member...

  7. @anamika: i dint know that, by just paying rs 300 you become a consultant...i am all for it, thanks swweets........

  8. this literally burned my skin!!! one of the con of the product is that it is not at all suitable for oily skin! gave my break outs!

  9. Anyone can become a is so strange to see that most of us are not aware about the details of joining Oriflame or buying things from them.. I am a member and a lot people I know order things via me and get the same discount as a consultant or become a member.

  10. @just: i am surprised, i have a super oily skin, but it suits me perfectly...

  11. @Pooja: hey i have tried a lot for being a member, online, but it alwys asks me to contact a local consultant.

  12. Rentu @ yes they will tell u to contact the consultant as only an consultant will be able add you. If you wish to be a consultant I can add you to Oriflame. If you wish to you may contact me and I can provide you the details.


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