Sunday, September 26, 2010

Biotique Chlorphyll Gel

Well i have been using Biotique Chlorophyll Gel for almost 2 months now, seems to be a good enough time to share my views on the same...

The regular readers might be aware, i have an extremely oily skin, which is acne prone, and i am always on the lookout for products which can help in controlling the oiliness.

What the product claims:

Soothing Gel. This is A Unique Moisturiser. The Chlorophyll Content Tightens the Pores And Soothes The Skin. An Effective Post Hair Removal Complexion Soother. Also Contains Extracts Of Seaweed, Sea Algae, Aloevera And Gum Arabic

1. Oil-free. A clear green colored gel which reminds me of aloe vera, does moisturise your skin
2. It does give you the refreshed cool feel
3. Can be used in the day and night as an alternative to moisturiser
4. Non comdogenic, dint break me out

1. Personally i didnt find it any better than my homegrown aloe vera...
All qualitites that you get of aloe vera are the only one that you expect of it...

I used it for 2 months to check whether it actually helps in reducing the generation of oil, but no luck so far...

My verdict: Frankly speaking it didnt do anything spectacular for me...So i am not buying it :(


  1. thanks for the review. I have seen this so many times and came close to buying.....and I always time. now, there wont be a next time :D

  2. I've considered buying this many times. guess i won't now.

  3. ohh i was so tempted to buy this...

    u saved maaa money:)

    Have a great week ahead:)

  4. I have this & I really like using this during summers. Too bad it didn't help control your oilies.

  5. @IMW, poohkie, anamika: i think it doesnt work well for the oilies
    @Tanveer: :(, ya, its a good stuff but not exactly great for my oily skin, i am blessed with a skin which generates so much of oil

  6. hey !!!

    there is a tag on wise she ..just check..:)

  7. i use it post waxing...n it does soothe d skin..i like to use it dat way...


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