Monday, September 27, 2010

Oriflame Beauty Eye Intensity Pencil

 I am not much into eye makeup...infact for me eyemakeup is a oneoff event, when i am reallie bored, and have lots of time to my company, and i start playing with my eyes...This was a product which i just bought based on my gut instinct, not based on any reviews, or friend suggestion...

What the product claims:
A creamy smooth sharpenable pencil for lining, defining, colouring and contouring eyes. With advanced silicone technology for exceptional glidability and blend. 7 hour smudge-proof once set. 1g. 1 g.

Price: 239

My experience with the product...
1) I have a chestnut brown shade, which suits my eyes really well, as i said i am not an eyemakeup person, i wanted something very subtle and which just opens up my eyes, it works well
2) Its delivers the promise of being smudge proof, unless ofcourse if you dont rub your eyes everytime
3) They have great shades available
4) Waterproof :)
5) Long lasting
6) Easy to apply, a single swipe suffices my need

1)  I find the sharpening a bit of problem, its so creamy that it kind of breaks once in a while, which can be irritating

Apart from this i have none, i think it works well for someone who requires a subtle eye makeup...

I have heard the black shade is really dark, and for people who are into lot of eyemakeup...i have not personally tried it...but i kind of believe it...because it works well for me

The website has a good rating for this product, check it out here:


  1. Hey!!!

    i think the product is little costly when we have some brands where eye pencils are available in Rs 200..oriflame make up range is quiet cheap as compare to others..but going through your review

    i might give it a try:)

  2. Interesting ya, I wish Oriflam would also open some counters so that ppl like me can try & buy on the spot :)

  3. @anamika: personally i dont feel oriflame to be cheaper, they are sometimes very expensive

    @tanveer: same here, i always feel the same, there are many products, which i just buy randomly, based on gut instinct which is not a wise way to do ;)

  4. Hey sounds like a great product. haven't tried many Oriflame products. But the lippies which I have...Love those. Wish they open some counters.

  5. These are some good eye pencils from Oriflame. I have 3 colors Green, brown & blue. They are good as far as staying on is concerned. I personally feel that Oriflame is not expensive as when I had purchased these pencils I got them for Rs. 150 each. Every month new discounts are offered.
    Tanveer & Rakshanda @ Oriflame does have the option of same day delivery or if you know any consultant you may go along to the Oriflame office & buy straight away :)


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