Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lakme Radiance Compact

Its quite strange sometimes you find a gem when you are actually not looking out for it...This is a product which i bought from a local baniya store, just for the heck of it, and the strange part i didnt even check the shade, just bought it cos it was all for Rs. 99..
The shade that i got was Natural Peral for Fair skin, though i have a wheatish complexion...

What the product claims:

Vitamin enriched foundation make up in compact powder format to give a radiant look.
Contains allantoin complex to soothe the skin.
Advanced Micromesh Technology gives a flawless matte finish.
Contains Vitamin E & C that moisturizes and protects your skin from pollution.

My experience with the product:

1) It is great for the oily skin, no other compact has ever left me so satisfied
2) Using for the past 2 months, no breakouts, absolutely noncomdogenic
3) Gives a matte finish, no shimmer great for daily officewear
4) No touchups required for 4 hours, which is an achievement for my kind of skin that generally gets oily in an hour
5) Super coverage, looks natural on my skin
6) I am not sure about the Vitamin E, and C, part, but my skin has started giving me a good feel, i am actually getting compliments for my skin
7) The pricing is super

No cons for this product

I so love the product, i feel, this is a must have product for all the oilies, and the dirt cheap price that it is available, i absolutely LUST it ;)


  1. ohh so this souffle u were talking about ..Rs 99 is a steal ..

  2. i am fond of this compact...just awesome it is

  3. Glad this worked out for you...But it wasn't that good for me.

  4. @rakshanda: :(, is your skin dry or oily...i feel oily skin would love this compact

  5. Hey Rentu..thank u sooo much for the warm concern.. well..i hope u dont mind if im talking abt rava idli over here.. :P
    Well, i havent tried it yet..cos i need to buy the idli plates..and then im planing to do it..
    il let u know when im in to it..

    n ooh..by the way..uve mentioned to put in microwave for 10mins..is it to get it fermented or to cook it?? cos ive heard that 10 mins in microwave will cook the ingredients....

  6. n coming to lakme..ive heard 'allantoin' is good even for the most sensitive skins..and it soothes n hydrates a lott...
    but ive never tried this compact one..

  7. Rentu @ Rs. 99 is a steal and you say its g8t for oily skin. I am surely gonna check this one.

    P.S. - I have something for you on my blog. Please collect :)

  8. no no anamika n rakshanda...shes talkin bout b comapact fr m d new radiance range n nt d daily wear souffle...
    n i wud try d compact...sounds gud

  9. @belle: the rava idli doesnt require fermentation at all, if you add more oil to it, it would automatically become soft, incase your doesnt become soft, just make the cheat dhokla out of it, it rocks...

    I mentioned abt the microwave part for the normal idlis, incase you just keep your microwave on for 10-20 mins, but dont put the idli batter in the microwave, let the microwave become hot, turn it off...and after turning it off, put the batter whole night in it...it would for sure ferment.....The same process as whole night fermentation, but just put in a hot microwave... ;)...Let me know if you have queries for it

  10. @bhumika: thanks for clarifying, i am speaking of the compact, i have never yet used souffle...i somehow have a vibe that it will be too oily for me
    @Pooja: i think it works great for super oily skin like me, do try it

  11. I don't use compacts as they tend to give my skin a matt look which I don't like. I prefer liquid foundations, but I will recommend this to my mom - she might like it :)

  12. @tanveer: i love the matt look, i think most of the oilies would

  13. HEY i have seen this stuff but never gave it a second glance. next time will check it out


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