Friday, September 17, 2010

Sev Puri

Another one of the quickies, which gets ready in a jiffy, and can be served to any of your surprise guests :P
I was born in Kerala and bought up in Mumbai, thus Chaats are very much a part of my staple diet...i love gobbling on the pani puri's by the roadside or the sweet chatni wala bhel..

here goes my version of sev puri

Puri---available from the local stores
Khajoor imli ki chutney(boil seedless date, add tamarind pulp, salt, sugar/jaggery, amchoor powder, blend it)
Coriander mint chutney(bunch of coriander + half quantity of mint+ green chilly+ salt+ ginger piece)
Boiled Potatoes
Sev, boondi
Onion, tomato, coriander leaves finely chopped
Chana dal

1) Take the puri, put in the mashed potato, put coriander chutney, khajoor chutney
2) Garnish it with sev, boondi, onion, and tomato...

During summer season, when i can get hold of raw mango, i do add finely chopped pieces of it, along with onion and tomato, the tangy flavor rocks
For a healthy version you can also put in sprouts...when i am bored with sev puri, i more or less follow the same recipe with Pani puri wala round puri, and call it as masala puri...
Masala puri is equally famous as a chaat in Mumbai


  1. I love sev puri! But I generally get it frm outside as I find that making it at home is very troublesome.. But your recepie is very, very easy. I will try this out :)

  2. Ah..I have to try this one day.. TY:)

  3. Ohh God...i love sev puri...but found very difficult to prepare in home but now it's time to try..thanks friend...

  4. @Tanveer: thanks dear
    @Belle: thanks dear
    @rakshanda: thanks dear

  5. Some how i can never get that mumbai wala taste in my save puriss...

    may be because i use the market one imli sweet chutny..

    i will date chutney this time:)

    u eat such spicy stuff like me....i EEELLIKKEEE IT :p

  6. hehe, try homemade chutney it tastes better and last long also... i make it and store it for 2 weeks...

  7. you made my kajal!!! that makes me so happy :D
    how did it turn out? did you have any problems?

  8. it turned great, its really dark, and i found it pretty easy to make it at home, for a trial basis i just made it of 1 almond, and the quantity is good enuf...i have asked my Mom to apply it on a daily basis, as u said, its good for eyesight...
    ur explaination was way too simple and wonderful, which made it a post in many of such authentic easy to make at home stuffs...

  9. thanks for telling me! you made my day :D
    and i'll try to come up with more DIY stuff

  10. hey rentu.....i missed you was Ganpati visarjan..?

  11. Ganpati visargan is celebrated with great fervour here in pune...
    u tell me, how is everything at your end...hey listen, i just got ponds tinted moisturiser, will put in a post soon, after some time to see how it works for me :), so far its good


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