Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lotus Strawberry Lip balm review

I am fairly biased towards Lotus products for the simple reason being, they are budget friendly and more often deliver results...
Me being a lip balm person, and not more of a lipstick person, i always have a couple of lip balms with me....
This lip balm purchase was an on the spur decision, which is generally the case... I have been using it for the past 5 months, so good enough time to review :)

What the product claims...
The lip balm's highly active moisturising formula helps to repair dry, cracked and chapped lips and protects them from the drying effect of cold, dry winds of winter, making them looks look healthier and smoother.

Key Ingredients: Strawberry Extract, Honey, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil and Wheatgerm Oil

Price: 60rs for 8gm

1) The lip balm is red in color, i so love the color, infact this was the major reason for me to buy it.
2) The texture is gelly of medium consistency, the fragrance part is the one which goes with the major points, smells like a true strawberry. I actually end up licking my lips cos of the fragrance, and does have a strawberry flavor to it
3) Is not greasy...major plus
4) The balm comes in a tiny pot. Its a handy packaging, can very well get accomodated in any sized bags

1) Touchup after every hour is required
2) It does gives the glossy finish, but there is no tint which is only seen in the pot, but never on the lips
3) I dont really see it hydrating my lips..

Verdict: No, i wouldnt recommend it, when i have other great products at more or less similar price...
I wouldnt term it as a disaster, but not a gem as well...


  1. This is one of my favorite lip balm.. nice review Rentu :)

  2. hmmmmmm........ well,once i came close to buying it & then decided against it. good decision for me! :)anyway thanks for reviewing this otherwise the next time i saw this i would've definitely splurged!

  3. You're so lucky ya that Lotus prdts work for u.. They are very economical, but they never seem to work at all for me - facewash, moisturiser, lip balm..

    I had lotus lipbalms in tubes u know - in vanilla & cocco.. Both were horrid, left a whitish cast on my lips & the cocco one just smelt horrid.. Nivea is my fav as of now :)

  4. I have used this balm and love it's smell...Lotus products are good...I use Boroline in winter for protection of my's very effective but when I go out, this balm is always with me.

  5. @pooja: thanks dear
    @IMW: me to be trying nivea soon
    @Tanveer: fortunately lotus products do work for me :D, but there are many brands which do nothing for me
    @Rakshanda: i think both of us are boroline fans :)

  6. I have tried few of lotus products and til now i have an average impression of the company..wont try this one as it ddint suit you..:)

  7. @anamika: yes dear, i dont find it great, i think nivea dragon fruit is much better

  8. i heard d stick 1 in cherry is quite gud...

  9. hey Rentu..i have put a question for tinted moisturizer for you and harsha..check it out:)

  10. Lotus doesnt work for me...but lotus sunblock deinitely provides amazing protection..

  11. Hi Rentu..Good to find u..
    yeah..i feel the same abt this balm..the color thats shows in the pot doesnt show on lips..
    I dont like this balm..

  12. @mehak: somehow fortunately a lot of lotus products do work for me

  13. @Belle: i agree this balm doesnt work...thanks for dropping by

  14. @bhumika: ya i also heard the cherry one is good


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