Monday, September 13, 2010

Brown rice khichdi

For my dearest Friend Anamika:
She has been asking me for quite a while to post some here's one for her

This is my Mom's recipe which she cooks when i am down with tonsils and high fever....and i so love this dish, that as i child i used to fake being ill just to have it...

I love this dish for the simplicity it offers coupled with the health benefits...

Due to the hectic schedule that i have had cos of client visit, i found myself having high fever, and nothing else but this dish cooked by my hubby with my instructions ofcourse ;), came to the aid...

Here goes the recipe..

1 cup brown rice
3/4 cup green moong dal soaked in water for 1 hour atleast
5 spoonfuls of ghee
31/2  cups of water
salt to taste
Pressure cook the rice, dal, and add the ghee, and put in salt, as per your taste. Wait till upto 7-8 whistles.
I have used more of water, because i love my brown rice moist, and i dont like putting in the chewing effort when i am ill...
My Mom generally cooks by the open pan method, but for time constraints, i use the pressure cook, the results are equally good.
Relish this rice with homemade lemon pickle, i love my Mom's lemon pickle which has lots of garlic in it...

Heath benefits:
Brown rice water is excellent for taking care of the tonsils, and ghee coupled with moong dal gives you the energy that you have lost cos of the fever....These are the benefits that i have observed having this dish.


  1. Oh I love brown rice khichdi! My mom makes it but never made it myself. But i'm surely going to do so now.

  2. @rakhshanda: hey dear, Happy IDD, wheres my shirkurma :)....thanks for dropping by, and looking forward to lots of posts..

  3. Hey Rentu..i guess i didnt checked out this post..i came to say to post some thing and here u r with my demand..

    i so want to bring brown rice in my daily needs..i will try this and let u know:)

  4. This is not only a simple recipe but also a healthier option. Brown rice contains more iron, magnesium and vitamin B than white rice. Will surely give it a try.

  5. @anamika: aapka hukum sar aakhon par

  6. hey !!! use ponds it has more tint when u compare it with biotique..

    ponds tint moist is better than MAC also.:)

    loads of love



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