Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dealing with open pores

Just came across a wonderful article on dealing with open pores, thought i should share it with my blogger friends:

Most of us, who have open pores, find them to be a nuisance. The worst part is that open pores are visible and make you look unattractive.

So, let's see what we can do to get rid of this annoying skin menace and flaunt a smooth skin!

1) The non-vegetarian way:
Apply egg white on your skin. This treatment is easy to carry out and works wonders for your skin! If you don't want to use egg white then you can try using a vegetable or fruit, which has an astringent quality, like tomatoes.
This will help smoothen your uneven skin texture and will reduce your open pores too.

2) Toners work a ton:
Toners help tighten pores temporarily, so ensure that you use a good toner often.
The best and the most hassle-free way to take care of your open pores is by washing your face with ice-cold water at least four times a day. That will help drastically in making your skin look fresher, smoother and tighter.

3) Under cover:
If you are heading out and you want to hide your open pores then simply apply a concealer and a good oil-free foundation to hide them.
Foundation acts like a defensive layer between your face and the other elements. This is one of the best ways to conceal open pores. But, also ensure that you wash off the foundation with a good face wash once you are back home and thereafter apply toner.

4) Scrub on
Open pores usually indicate a tendency to develop blackheads as well. Using a good face scrub on your skin every alternate day helps immensely in ensuring that you do not develop such ugly blackheads and subsequently become prone to acne.

If you religiously follow these tips, you will soon notice that your open pores are less visible. And when your skin feels smooth, watch guys go va-va-voom about you.


  1. Good Tips Retnu!

    I have also seen that the Oil Cleansing Method really helps close these open pores. The warm oil when used, helps dissolve the stubborn dirt and plugged up sebum in the pores, even the oil that has hardened in blackheads dissolves and gradually this helps clean out the pores.

    But for some reason, most girls tend to freak out at the thought of applying oil to their face. It is a very good remedy. :)

  2. @Tanveer: It actually scares me off as well, but would try soon, since you so strongly recommend it...

  3. very useful tips for open pores...I think it's a headache for the girls...your tips will be useful for this problem...thanks rentu

  4. I so agree with all your tips and Tanz too..My skin is oily but with deep oil cleansing method open pores really closes down :)

  5. i do most of the things that u have said in the post and still waiting for the day as to when the pores would just close up??????(lol)

  6. @anamika: somehow i am very scared of oil cleansing method....i have seen your post on the same, but dint have some enough confidence :(

  7. @Indianmakeupways: patience is virtue sweetie

  8. informative post...
    hey need sum suggestions on my 1st post..

  9. @bhumika: thnks for dropping by


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