Sunday, September 5, 2010

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo

On my first onsite visit to Finland, i was bogged by the amount of beauty products these guys could boast of...
And seeing the quality of the skin, their hair, i was amazed, even a 55 year old female could pass away as 30 year old lady...ofcourse a lot depends on their diet which just includes boiled veggies, and pollution free place..

This further increased my fascination towards the Swedish cosmetic brand Oriflame...

Seeing so many products, you get lost as to what to buy and what not to buy, and with the limited baggage capacity, i only wanted to indulge into prudent on a recommendation of a friend who had just got her hair straightened, i opted for this product, plus i got it on a bargain deal, which made it all the worth :)

This product was recommended to my friend by her hair stylist, and its ideal for people who color there hair, or have straightened it...
I have niether, but still gave it a try :P

What the product claims:

Cleanse damaged hair and recharge with a new strength, durability and elasticity. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo works by cleansing the hair while protecting the hair colour resulting in lasting colour brilliance. CuraTec Protein strengthens and restructures your hair while providing the perfect base for other Schwarzkopf Bonacure treatments. Professional Tip: After applying Schwarzkopf Bonacure, leave the ingredients to work for at least a minute before rinse for maximum effect.

 My experince with the product...
1) The packaging is real cute, you require a small amount, and it lathers well enough. I can for sure say, it would last for a long time, considering the fact that i have dense hair, still it lasted long.
2) The most enticing factor is the fragrance, i am just mad about the smell
3) It did leave my hair soft, and nourished
4) Didn't suffer from hairfall
5) It claims to rebuild your hair, and provide strength, i have no personal experience about it, since my hair quality is pretty good, but my friend says so, would have to trust her word for that

1) I think the price, for 250 ml it cost around 8euros.

I got it at a bargain deal, for 500 ml, it costed me 10 euros, and i was tempted by the fragrance, that i was forced to buy it...

My verdict: If you have straightened, or colored your hair, it makes sense to buy this product, else i wouldn't recommend it...


  1. I quite like their moisture kick hair spray. Will try this once my loreal gets over :)

  2. @Tanveer: Yup, i have heard about it as well, i find the fragrance of schwarzkopf products the most enticing

  3. hey i love this shampoo as i have straightened hair and it is simply awesome. the conditioner is also too good. just like tanveer i am using my moisture kick hairspray now and loving it. loving it so much that i will be doin a review of it soon :)

  4. it sounds good..I'll really want to try this one.

  5. hey rentu..i am back in hyderabad :)

    i think i will have to try this one out:)

  6. @indianmakeupways: i am waiting for a review of the moisture kick hairspray, havent tried it...

  7. @Rakhsanda: oh yes you should try it, i love the fragrance

  8. @anamika: back in your abode...enjoyz.........lots of post pls ;)

  9. came to check your new some food post yaa..

  10. yes dear, would soon do...maybe this monday, i think the pile of work that i have accumulated would reduce by them... we have clients from nordic country, i am so envious of her skin tone....its luminiscient.....though she doesnt apply anything, she looks fresh as a flower in the end of the day as well..........wonder why we are not blessed with such beautiful skin...she doesnt even drink a cup of water in a day...:(

  11. May have to try it since I colour mine.

  12. @3ate4: thanks for dropping by..i am intrigued by the name 3ate4, its sounds uber cool


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