Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lotus Alphamoist moisturiser

I am a sucker for good moisturisers, and i am mad about trying new stuff....
The major draw for any moisturiser would be oil free, alcohol free, completely herbal, and Lotus alpha moist just fitted my budget.......

Brief about my skin: Extremely oily, acne prone...

What the product claims:
Plant derived alphahydroxyl extracts present in this oil free replenish moisture, provide a vibrant smooth complexion and reveal fresh newer skin. The complexion is rejuvenated into looking and feeling younger.

Price: 165rs

1) Completely oil free, for a skin like mine, which generates oil within 5 mins, it has managed to control the oil
2) gives a soft glow to the skin
3) smells decent, neither good nor bad
4) the packaging is good, i have no qualms with it, it comes in a pump bottle, a drop or 2 goes a long way
5) doesnt dry the skin, keeps it well moisturized.
6) Suitable for all skin types, i was hesistant to buy this as such products generally dont work for me, but it worked for me as well...
7) It suits the dry skin as well, my friend is an avid fan, and she was the one who suggested me

I would have loved it, had it been a tinted moisturiser, i have to apply compact over it, and in early hours, i dont have that kind of time at my disposal.

All in all a good buy for the price, well my secret desire is Lotus comes with a tinted moisturiser would be a blessing for me.....:)


  1. hey can u plz post a pic of this product?

  2. Rentu..even i wanna look at the product plz...:) looks really interesting..

  3. @hey both, done the needful...
    let me know your views on this product once you try it

  4. Hey I want to try this one...sounds interesting.Is it suitable for normal or dry skin also???

  5. @rakshanda: oh yes it is...surprsingly it works equally good for all the skin friend who has dry skin suggested to give it a try, and worked well for me

  6. hey thanks for posting the pic. will definitely check out this product

  7. Dear Rentu,
    Thanx for stopping by...!
    very interesting post...thanx for the valid information dear...:D

  8. @indianmakeupways: u r welcome
    @Jay: u r welcome, i am trying one of ur recipes this week, as guest coming over

  9. hey rentu!!!

    send me some thing about your blog (or may be if you want if i will write few words about your blog)and put me in your blog link..

    would love to have u in wiseshe link love directory..

  10. now m scampering to buy this...hey i hav oily skin at face n lil dry on hands n feet...can i use it as a body moisturizer too den?

  11. @angels never lie: yes u can dear, its a great moisturiser for oily skin....


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