Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ponds age miracle tinted moisturizer

Yay, i found my tinted moisturiser....:)
I have been using this for a month.......and i am super happy with it

My experience with the product:
1) It gives a good glow to the skin
2) Evened out my skin tone
3) The tint is sheer, just perfect for the minimal makeup look, which is my preferred way
4) A small pea sized is good enough for my face
5) I just need to set it right with my Lakme radiance compact, which is also a fav of mine...
Finally i have good compact and a good moisturiser, its a good buy for the ladies on the go...
6) The packaging is chic
7) I love the dewy look that it gives :)

1) My skin gets oily after 3 hours, but this i am ok with it, rather than running for the tissue paper after every 30 mins

The best that i loved about it is it absolutely even out my skin tone, gives a good glow
I must say it works great with my Lakme radiance compact, had i been using some other compact, it could have been a possibiltiy that it wouldnt work that well...
Finally for the oilies, we have Ponds tinted moisturiser and the Lakme radiance compact :D

I am still anyways fond of my lotus alphamoist moisturiser, i apply it at night


  1. Hey!!!! Glad u liiiiiiikkked it:)

  2. anamika: oh yes, i liked it very much :)

  3. Hey even I used it and it was really good...glad it worked for you too!!

  4. Im hearing so much about the ponds tinted moisturizer..i think it deserves a shot...

  5. @mehak: yes it is worth a shot, i loved it for the sheer tint

  6. I love this prdt & it is an absolute must have for me! Glad u liked it too! :D

  7. This is my all time absolute must product.. no breakouts.. easily available.. nicely price..

  8. @tanveer, @pooja: i so loved it

  9. oyyye rentu u won Poornima give away just check..congrattttss

  10. oh is it, kya baat hain, i dont believe it, tussi mujhe hamesha good news detein ho, muaah, lemmee check....


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