Thursday, October 7, 2010

Travel makeup kit for cold countries

Hello Ladies

An update that i would be travelling to Finland, for a month, and i would be requiring suggestions on what do i carry for my Travel makeup kit.

I have already travelled once, and i am aware of the climate.

Brief about the climate:

Temperature: 0 to 5 deg

The last experience that i had was, i didnt carry enough stock with me, and as always my skin tends to get oilier.

I have a luggage restriction of 20kgs, so you can understand i would be able to only carry basic stuff, so please pour in your suggestions, or let me know if what i am carrying is good enough.

I plan to carry the following:

1) Vaseline Body lotion

2) Fab india tea tree Face wash

3) St Ives Apricot Scrub

4) Dabur Vatika face pack to take care of the zits that are a regular with my skin ;)

5) Nivea lip balm

6) Ponds tinted moisturiser

7) Lakme radiance compact

8) Lipstick

9) Oil

10) Shampoo

Do you think, the list is good enough or something need to be left back...please let me know..........

Trust you ladies, so thought of asking suggestions from you...


  1. ya very much oily on the extremes is the right way

  2. Okay, I will post my reply now itself. My face tends to be oily, while my body is dry-ish. Here are my suggestions -
    1) I'm personally not too fond of vaseline body lotions coz they're just not moisturising enough even in Chennai winter! So I suggest something much more stronger.
    Depending on how dry your skin is, I would suggest a body butter/cream type thing. Like the blue nivea tub. I would say that maybe you can can carry a smaller tub just to use for your feet. My feet get super duper dry and the skin starts peeling. It's not painful, but needs a LOT of moisturising.
    2) I've heard good things about the fab india face wash & the scrub, but I haven't used them, so can't comment.
    3) Again, as much as I LOVE nivea lip balm, I don't find it moisturising enough for the winter. Since the lips don't have any oil glands, they're likely to feel dry. I suggest a stronger balm (maybe with spf).
    4) How about sunscreen? If you're scared about taking too many things, then I suggest something like the biotique sunscreens which can also double up as a body lotion. Also, if you have to drop any item, then drop the oil coz that you can get in Finland as well.
    5) Take an eye liner or kajal.

    Here's what I would carry -
    1) Boitique sun lotion - doubles up as body lotion & sunscreen.
    2) lotus herbals sunscreen gel - for face coz it doesn't feel oily or sticky.
    3) Any light moisturiser - for using on face at night.
    4) Nivea cream - or any heavy duty cream for using on hands & feet at night.
    5) Lotus lip balm (cherry) - moisturising, has spf and tint.
    6) Hand sanitizer - a must
    7) Any natural lipstick - I suggest the maybelline colour sensational coz they are super moisturising.
    8) Eye liner/kajal
    9) Mascara
    10) Face wipes - anything that will remove makeup as you won't want to spend your holiday wiping off mascara!
    11) petroleum jelly - complete multi-tasker
    12) some pain balm - important if you intend to do sight-seeing
    13) band-aids - just incase

    can't think of anything else right now...

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  4. oh great, these are excellent suggestion, i am buying many of the stuff from the list, totally forgot about the hand sanitizer, thanks for reminding :)

  5. Take some wipes and don forget the deo..vaseline is a must in cold areas u can use it as your night cream as well..will keep your skin baby soft ..

    i m on fast today so dont feel like working much :(

    bhook lag rahi haiiiii:((

  6. Hey, tht's cool. Have a gr8 time in finland.. Btw I wld have carried a thick moisturiser like cold cream along simply coz it is multipurpose - it removes makeup, it is a thick moisturiser which is essential for heavy winters. I know you have oily skin, but I somehow feel that you are carrying very light moisturisers. They may hold you in good stead in Mumbai winters, but they won't hold up at 5 degrees.. Carry something that is thicker. Also you are not carrying any makeup, I wld suggest at least an eyeliner or mascara if nothing else.

  7. oh & i forgot shampoo & conditioner. If you must carry these, then maybe sachets? I feel too insecure about carrying shampoo bottles coz it might spill out.

  8. @Poohkie: thanks for the detailed response, i so appreciate it... Thanks a ton dear

  9. @anamika: thanks dear, oh thats the reason for less posts... TC dear
    @Tanveer: okies would be carrying eyeliner, :)...Thanks dear

  10. you're most welcome. Bon voyage!


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