Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goldwell Scalp regulation Shampoo

I have been a fan of Goldwell brand, since the time i got exposed to it. I got few bottles of this shampoo after recommendation by the SA in the mall, who had lovely hair, and who chose these shampoo over Schwarzkopf shampoo.

The price: 9 euros

I have thick hair, which tends to become oily and dirt buildup within 2-3 days, for which i need to wash my hair every 2 days, also i have a mild dandruff problem. I was suggested this shampoo by the SA, saying that, it would leave my hair squeaky clean, taking care of the buildup and dandruff, and i wouldnt require a conditioner also

My experience:

1) It definetly leaves my hair squeaky clean
2) I can actually survive with a weekly hairwash, but i always prefer 2 hairwashes in a week...matter of habit
3) My hair is shinier and smooth
4) It actually doesnt require a conditioner, but i use it since i bought it, but on the rush days, i dont use it, and it still works fine
5) Smell, packaging everything is decent
6) Require a small amount to take care of long thick hair
7) Its a transparent gel consistency shampoo, and i quite like it

No cons, i would have loved it, had it been easily available in India

Would i recommend: Yes


  1. Great shampoo but I havent seen it anywhere. Needs a conditioner or not after the wash?

  2. this shampoo sounds amaazing! will look out for this shampoo.too bad tat its not available in India

  3. Never heard of this brand.. seems nice :)

  4. thank you for this. this seems like a great shampoo.

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  5. hey i have tagged u, come and take a look

  6. @beautydiva: its a great shampoo, and doesnt require a conditioner for normal hair

    @anju: i love this shampoo, its great, and thanks for the tag

    @tanveer: hey it also takes care of hairfall, i forgot to mention about it, cos i dont face the problem, but the SA was going gaga over this product about how it stopped her hairfall and dandruff problem

    @cheryl: yes dear, it is


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