Monday, November 22, 2010

Bourjois Bio-Detox Organic Foundation

I have been using Bio-Detox Organic foundation for over 20 days now, and here's a review on it... I actually wanted to do a review after a month, but i just couldnt resist the temptation...

For over years, i had developed a detest for foundation, the reason being i had absolutely clear skin, but due to a pleothra of wrong choices in foundation, i ended up with clogged pores, and blemished skin...In the past 2 years i have never touched foundation, and this time before buying a foundation, i actually created a checklist, which helped me a lot, and i would definetly share it..

Bio Detox Organic foundation has a formula of 98.8% natural ingredients (21% being organically sourced) and has been certified by Ecocert as an organic cosmetic for a flawless finish. The formula enriched with chlorophyll brings oxygen and filters pollution to purify skin with each application. An anti-imperfection effect that evens out the complexion, lets the skin breathe, smoothing blemishes and lightly mattifying skin.

The shade i selected was dark beige. Actually both light beige and dark beige looked the same to me, when i swatched them, so i thought of sticking to the darker one.

The SA recommended this to me over Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, saying that it would keep the oilies at bay for 8 hours
Price: 16 euros, but you get a bag free :D

My experience:

1) Perfect color match
2) Absolute matte to the extent that you dont need a loose powder to set it, can you belive this...i love this quality
3) Keeps oil at bay for 4-5 hours, super good. The SA said 8 hours, but this works great till 4-5 hours, after 5 i need to have a tissue, but i am ok with it...
4) Doesnt clog pores, no breakouts, biggest bonus
5) Completely natural
6) Lightweight, provides medium coverage
7) Good shade selection, i guess they have around 7-8 shades
8) Packaging is good, u just require less than a pea size for the entire face
9) Nice smell
10) Evens out the skin

1) Need to blend it real fast, not a con for me, but maybe for some
2) Not launched in India as yet :(

Would you recommend: Must have for sensitive oily skin, who only trust natural stuff when it comes to foundation.


  1. Sounds like a fab prdt for oily skin.. I do hope they launch in India soon :)

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  3. I guess I saw that just few days back..and there new foundation brush goes so well with this..

  4. wow! i so want this! i am using bourjous! but seriously have to try this! thanks for the nice review!

  5. well you are so welcome to do a giveawy for this...and keep it international...hehe

  6. @anamika: seriously this is the only foundation that i have ever liked, has it been launched in India, i didnt see this though

    @Flamante: thanks for dropping by

  7. @Tanveer: yep its a super product for oilies like me

  8. I hav been hearing soooooo many great reviews abt this product and how good it is for oily skin.I wish they market this in India soon.would loooooveeeee to try it

  9. @anju: me sure you will like it, its just great, it makes ur skin breathe, which is nice


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