Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Anju, from tagged me for this, and so here i am with my list.. :) I enjoyed reading the post of each one who had taken the effort of posting about it.I am not sure, whether mine would be a good read, but please do say so :)

I had to actually scratch my head for both the imperfections and perfections list, as i have never put in that much of an effort in analyzing myself, So thanks Anju, to make me aware of myself ;)

Here's my final list

1) I kind of put weight only in the lower part of my body, the typical Indian hourglass frame, this maybe the Indianness in me showing out. I am always very normal in my upper part, but lower part i somehow feel i am heavier

2) Flabby arms, ok so i have problem in the upper part too:), just realized while writing

3) and ofcourse my acne prone skin, its forever oily. My skin has the wonderful ability to look the worst, when i want it to look the best. I am never in the best form, during weddings, party, sigh :'(

1) Smile, i have dimples :), and the first thing if you ever notice me is the smile.

2) Hair, i get compliments for the thick long hair that i have, it looks good when its wavy, or when i straighten it, i always am appreciated for my hair

3) My body type, though i am on the heavier side, i dont look heavy, i actually look normal, and people refuse to believe that i am overweight, but the weighing machine always speaks the truth, whimpers :(

So this is my list, hey ladies please go ahead analyzing yourselves, and be proud of yourselves for God has given the best for you... :)


  1. hey rentu thanks a bunch for doing this.loved reading it. even I have flabby arms and my thighs also speak for itself(but its not a huge prob as my arms)lol.and wow both keralites have great hair or wat ;) we sure are lucky! and I love ppl with dimples(am sooo jealous tat u got dimples).enjoyed reading ur list :)

  2. Wow, you have great hair! I wish my hair were healthy as well & what cld be better than looking normal even if u feel that you are overweight! :D :D

  3. hehehe.....wright thing is similar :D:D

    enjoyed reading the tag:)

  4. @anju: thanks dear, i had a fun time analyzing my imperfections

    @tanveer: thanks dear

    @anamika: m waiting to read yours...jaldi kar

  5. Same pinch on the acne prone skin. Mine never looks good on special occasions :(

    But atleast you have awesome hair! And I love people with dimples. It's the first thing I notice.


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