Monday, November 8, 2010

My hair care routine

I have been receiving a lot of compliments for my hair, from my Estonian colleagues. My personal opinion about my hair, its very thick, strong, and wavy, but nothing great, so i never really thought i had a great hair care routine.

But now that my friends here pestered me to know about my hair care routine, did i realize that i was unknowingly taking good care of my hair....Since my Mom used to do it, for me since childhood, it had become a habit for me, and i never realized that i had a good hair care routine set for myself...

Here's what i do:

Take 1 cup of coconut oil, since i am a Keralite, and come from a place where you find lot of coconuts around, i get coconut oil from either of my parents side...

Heat this oil with curry leaves, until curry leaves turn black, Strain it...

Now add 1/2 cup sessame oil and 1/4 cup mustard oil. Mix it, and store it in a bottle.

I apply this oil before my hair bath, and keep it for just 30 mins, as i have an oily skin, i hate keeping it for longer...

Then just wash your hair with a shampoo, and i prefer using herbal hair conditioner Vatika...

You can add a lot of variations to this oil like olive, castor, jojoba, but Remember, Coconut, Mustard and Sessame are the base oils, and you need them for sure..

As per my Mom, Coconut oil for the general well being of the hair, length, moisture

Mustard for the black color

Sessame for smoothness, and black color.


  1. ah ha malayalee hair rocks! us mallus are truly blessed with great hair and in the end fools like myself ruin it by doing chemical treatments and fries their hair!am trying to revive my hair back to its old the way rentu plz post a pic of ur hair and urself plzzzzzzzz.......pretty plzzzzzzzzz????????:D would love to see u and also from which part of kerala are u? am from kottayam but now based in trivandrum.

  2. @anju: my moms' side is from kottayam, and my dad is from born in kerala bought up in mumbai, so i just know very little of malayalam :(...
    hehe, m way too shy dear, but will soon upload a pic...

  3. oh ok ok. glad to know tat u r also a kottayam mallu. hey no pressure yaar, just post it when u r ready.....would love to see u. tats y. :)

  4. great recipe dear and i can see lot of bonding between u girls....without me :((

  5. hehe, we all are bonded dearie

  6. hi rentu... VERY NICE POST...your new follower :D


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