Sunday, November 7, 2010

My haul from Estonia

I will be flying back to India very soon, and just thought of doing a mini haul from Estonia...

Well, what i like about buying stuff from Estonia is:

1) The SA's are not pushy

2) Well versed with their job

And their recommendations actually do work, i have had a pleasant experience last time around when an Schwarkzkoff SA actually recommended me to buy Goldwell Shampoo and Conditioner... Ofcourse me being me, i bought both of them, and had a comparision, and found Goldwell to be much effective than Schwarkzkoff.

Since then i have been a Goldwell fan, and also fond of the SA's...

This time around also i had a similar experience, i wanted to buy a serum and a hair spray which would help me straighten my thick hair in jiffy.....and i was about to buy the most expensive one thinking that it would be the best, but just asked the SA as to what would she recommend, and the lovely SA recommended me of a brand Umberto Giannani.....

I researched about the brand to realize it the award winning hair dresser from UK, and it works really well with thick hair, and i was so happy......I am always very impressed by the Honesty of the SA's in the Nordic region, wish our SA's would do the same.......

Well here's my haul

It includes
1) Umberto Giannani Serum
2) Umberto Gianani Hair spray
3) Moisturiser of a local estonian brand (again the SA's recco)
4) Bourjois Bio detox foundation...
5) Goldwell Scalp regulation Deep conditioning shampoo

and of course the free bie from Bourjois, :)

Hmm, to be honest, i am most excited about the Umberto Giananie stuff, and i would like to see how Bourjois fares...Review would come after one month, once i make them go through the stress test :P


  1. Hey great haul....and always love the freebies...right?..

  2. @soft sweet and gentle: oh yes, the freebies actually lift up my spirits.... :D

  3. loved loved the haul...glad that SA's are not pushy and u shopping big time there..

  4. Hey! what a gr8 haul. It must be such a pleasure to shop at a store like this, knowing that you won't be cheated of your hard earned money :)

  5. cool haul....goldwell products??i have heard abt em...plz review 'em soon and its so nice to know tat the SA's are super helpful

  6. @Anamika: yep, this is just the tip of the iceberg, i have done a lot of chocolate and Xmas shopping ;)

    @Tanveer: honestly, i wish our SA's would take a tip or two from them, these guys are not one bit pushy, and answer your questions to the best,and if they dont have the answer they ask their superiors, which i like

    @Anju: Yep m extremely fond of Goldwell products, will do that :)


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