Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dabur Vatika Smooth and Silky conditioner

I have been lucky with few of the brands, which are cheaper than their counterparts, and provide me good results, amongst them are
1) Dabur
2) Ayur
3) Lotus

With Dabur i have a 100% hit ratio, i have never had any bad experiences with their products, and with the other 2, there are times, when i have had minor let downs, but which is quite ok, as it doesnt cause a hole in your pockets ;)

To be honest, i have used just 2 conditioners all my life, one is the Dabur Vatika, and the other is Goldwell conditioner...and i love both of them equally...Its only when i get bored i switch to the other, but so far just 2 brands explored for the conditoners.........

I have thick wavy hair, which are not extremely dry, nor oily, somewhere in between and are pretty manageable.

Here goes the product review:

What it claims:
Discover the power of soft and silky hair with Vatika smooth and silky conditioner. Enriched with Henna, Amla and green almond it provides well nourished hair, full of life.

Price: Rs 100 for 200 ml

My experience:

1) Smells good
2) You just require a small amount, apply it on your hair, leave it for 2 mins, and rinse, and you actually have soft manageable hair
3) Dont expect sleek straight hair, but yes soft smooth hair.
4) Uses many of the natural ingredients, which is a major bonus for me, since i have no time, in applying homemade mask to condition my hair.
5) No hairfall or any side effects
6) Quantity is good
7) I think the price is good, but i have never used any other conditioner so i really cant compare. But going the brand name, i think it has to be cheap product.
8) I use it twice a week, for having manageable hair throughout the week.
9) It doesnt sting your eye, even if it gets into it, which is a major plus :D

Cons: None, i love it

Will i recommend: Ofcourse yes...


  1. i have to start using conditioners very friend says sun silk is god..but will try dabur for sure now:-)

  2. i hav always seen this product. but never really tried it. guess i shud giv it a shot now.

  3. Hey never tried this but sounds great...I usually prefer Loreal or Dove...but must give this a try.

  4. I have a few friends who used this, but I never gave it a second glance. I might try it in the future, but I still have a huge amount with me to use up first :P

  5. @soft sweet and gentle: for me using a conditioner is rather a compulsion, i love using it

    @anju: i think u shud, cos its herbal

    @rakhsanda: me tried neither, this was my 1st conditoner, and i have somehow been loyal to it

    @poohkie: hehe, i have the same experience with facepacks, i just keep buying lots of it, and dont know how to finish it

  6. Hi Rentu..

    voo this is herbal i need to try this one.

  7. hello dearie, yep, so i have been sticking to just this one for long


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