Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sure deo roll on review

As i already mentioned in my previous post, that Sure deo rollon had been a major disappointment for me in my Travel beauty kit...and ofcourse, there were questions as to a brand which has been there for years, and has been successfully launched in India, how can it be a blooper...

Well to be honest, i am more of the aerosol kind of person, and not the roll on types, so its quite possible that my judgement could not be 100% perfect...

First the reasons for me to buy the roll on inplace of the aerosol, well no its not about being eco friendly, and all, but the space limitations in my baggage..
The sure deo roll being such a tiny sized would easily slip into my baggage without adding to the weight and taking space.....
I had been using this in India before my travel as well, and used to like it a lot.

Here goes my experience with the product
Price: 40 rs

1) Smells good
2) Good pricing
3) Lasts really long
4) Packaging is good

1) As long as i was not travelling,everything was great, but reallie dont know what went wrong, after reaching Estonia, when i applied on the 1st day, i could see a milky liquid flowing from it...
I wondered whether during the transit something happened to it, but the roll on was in absolute good shape, there was no damage to it
And i just couldnt use it any longer, because of the annoying milky liquid falling of it....
Till date i havent understood what went wrong with it, is it the weather????

Would i recommend it: Yes if you are not Travelling, and No if you plan to take it while you are travelling to a cold place

My 2 cents about this: I personally like Sure as a deo when i was in India, so this is my deo to go when i am not travelling :P


  1. good review :D. sad toknow tat u had a bad time with the roll on . anyway happy diwali rentu hav loads of fun :)

  2. i hate the asin commercial ...i guess i didn't buy any..i use oriflame's roll-on deo and its really good....HOW WAS YOUR DIWALI,,,

  3. Oh my! That's really good to know coz I was just thinking the other day that this is a really good product to travel with...

  4. @anju: wish you the same sweets

    @soft sweet and gentle: well the diwali is boring this time, as i am onsite for work purpose away from family...

    @poohike: please dont use it for travel purpose, i would conveniently avoid it, seeing what happened with mine

  5. wat i supposed to do to come down blackness of my underarms


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