Monday, November 1, 2010

Hits and Misses of my Travel Beauty Kit

The onsite trip has been a great learning experience both professionally and personally. I have realized what went wrong and what have been pleasant surprises in my packing, and thought of sharing it with you guys.
It might come in handy for all the readers as well...

first come the negative part:
1) Sure Deo-Rollon --- will put in a detailed review explaining the same
2) Ayur Tea tree face wash for acne prone oily skin

Pleasant Surprises
1) Ayur body lotion
2) St Ives Apricot Scrub
3) Ashwin's Rose water
4) Oriflame tomato clay mask
5) Loreal smoothening shampoo
6) Dabur vatika hair conditioner (I know most of the guys would be wondering why i didnt get the same conditioner, well the reason being i just didnt have the time, i had just 1 days notice to do the packing, so had no options, just carried the half used pack)
7) Nivea lip balm
8) Lotus cherry flavored lip balm
9) Elle 18 eye liner
10) Lakme radiance compact

So all in all there were not much bloopers.. :)


  1. which company rose water did you buy Rentu?

  2. dabur vatika conditioner? is it good rentu?

  3. @anamika: hey its the ashwin's rose water, local brand available in mumbai.
    Thanks for letting me know, i just updated it, muaah

    @Anju: yep its reallie good

  4. Hmmm....iv been hearing good things about St ives apricot scrub ...Will give it a shot once my nive one gets over. Thats relly nice too

  5. nice list..y sure dint work for u?
    i have it..liked it..n heard gud reviews too..
    ayur cocoa 1 u reviewd ?

  6. @Mehak: Its reallie nice, works well for me
    @bhumika: i dint like sure at all, and yes ayur cocoa has been the best pleasant discovery for being the cheapest and doing a good job of it :)

  7. Nice list. Waiting for the explanation about the deo coz I have it too.
    I have the ayur cocoa butter one as well & it's good & the most inexpensive of all moisturizers.

  8. Hey u need a foundation for daily wear or for party purpose?

  9. Party purpose, but suggest me both the options


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