Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All set for my next makeup haul :D

Being away from India, and with the cold weather, there is really nothing to look forward to...To motivate myself, i thought of coming up with a list of products that i would buy once i come back...This bought a huge huge smile on my face :)...To a girl, there is nothing that can bring more life than a wild splurge, and i guess i deserve it :P

Its been almost 4 months into the blogosphere, and i have managed to gather good enough knowledge about the products. With the lovely bloggers doing all the review and giving honest suggestion, life has becomes simple for beginners like me, to just note down things that i intend to buy...and almost 95% of the things work well...

Here's my list for the next makeup haul,

1) Fab india coral pack (http://makeupandbeauty.com)
2) Divya Kanti lep (Anamika from www.wiseshe.com)
3) VLCC face mask( http://makeupandbeauty.com)

Body lotion
1) St ives (Tanveer from addictedtoblush.blogspot.com)

Illuminating Lotin:
1) Revlon Skin Illuminating lotion (Tanveer from addictedtoblush.blogspot.com)

1) Ponds tinted TM( Poornima from www.glitterglamourgrace.com

1) Maybelline Yummy plummy, my mahagony, crazy coffee(Anju from http://indianmakeupways.blogspot.com

1) Colorbar Peach me pink(Mehak from http://www.peachesandblush.com recommendded me for this)
2) Just Earth (Bhumika from http://newlove-makeup.blogspot.com recommendded me for this)

1) Maybelline Chai latte Quad (this has been common across most bloggers)

Thanks to you product reviews, i am more or less set for my haul, pls send me suggestions if i need to tweak my list in any which ways, suggestions highly appreciated...
Additions are very much welcome.... also regarding the facepack, suggest me something more if you have, cos i like variety in my facepack, and i tend to buy lot of them :D


  1. very useful post...interesting n awesome Rentu..Now, am your happy follower..:)

    keep visiting...

    Tasty Appetite

  2. hey rentu where r u now by the way? hey thanks for taking all our makeup suggestions seriously. If u have dry skin on the body and rough elbows and knees try the body shop gloves.its only 225/- and if u like precise control over ur eyeliner try their liquid liner...but its a bit pricey 600/-.

  3. Wow, what a fun way to keep yourself busy! I love your list. Ponds TM is a great buy, Colorbar blushes are good, but they don't last long :)

    Maybelline lipsticks are another good purchase :)

  4. @jay: thanks jay
    @anju: hey me at tallin, -4 deg here, i have oily skin throughout my body...
    @tanveer: i have got my ponds tm, already, but will have to buy one more cos this one just finished...heard great reviews about maybelline, so just put in

  5. hey !!! i guess i missed this post..just followed your link from wise she..

    Colorbar blush and Ponds TM is great and ohh ya Fab India coral pack..u got to try it..it is fab too:)i have it but havent reviewed it :(

  6. @anamika: yep, i was wondering why havent u done a review of the same, but i have divya kanti lep from yours which i am for sure trying, cos my hubby has got warts, and i need to find a surefire treatment for it

  7. loved ur list...mine is soooo long ;)
    i have d ponds TM,chai latte quad n my mahagony frm maybelline...colorbar blushes r on my list..n ya as anju sd get dat body shop gloves..dey r fab !!!
    m also eyeing d colorbar warm palette n revlon colorburst in peach..

  8. nice blog, i'm following you now. Please check out mine and if you like please follow back ^_^



  9. @bhumika: mine is an ever increasing list just like you
    @crazypoplock: thanks for following


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