Friday, October 22, 2010

Ayur Lemon and Honey Face Gel with Tea Tree Oil

This is one of the product that just caught my fancy in Big Bazaar, and with Ayur, there is no reason not to splurge cos the products are super i just bought it

What it claims:
This face wash, is in gel form, helps remove dead cells, dried sebum, sweat & atmospheric pollution from the surface of the skin. Clears lifeless cells, dried sebum, sweat, pimples and acne. The presence of lemon helps in controlling excess sebum secretion while honey moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin tissues making complexion fresh and clean. Tea tree oil helps prevent pimples and acne.

Price: 59 Rs for 100 ml

My experience:
1) The smell is great, and its in a gel form, which is supposed to be great for oily skin types
2) Doesnt make my skin dry, and keeps the oil at bay for good enough time
3) It has got tiny beads in it, which are supposedly the exfoliants, they look cute
4) Packaging is decent
5) Price is good, comparing with the ingredient list

1) Those tiny beads, apart from looking good, dont really exfoliate, as the facewash being a gel form, they just keep slipping. I actually feel apart from the look factor, it doesnt really add any value

Worth a buy: Yes, its comparable to Fab india tea tree face wash, but not that great...a good budget product

Would you recommend: Yes, if you are on a budget, else Fab india is the best


  1. Great review though just love Fab India.

  2. Hi Rentu,

    Good review...:)


  3. Sounds good, btw I make a paste of honey & lemon on weekends and use it as a facepack.. smells heavenly & honestly it is tasty too :P :P

  4. hey ..hows u ...hope u doing well there:)

  5. @anamika: hey sweetie pie, me doing fine, just got busy with some shopping...
    @sameena: thanks
    @mysocksnevermatch: thanks for dropping by
    @tanveer: well i would just end up eating that facepack

  6. nice review. but i already have fab india face wash and love it!


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