Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ayur Body care lotion Cocoa Butter

Its been almost 2 weeks, that i have been in Tallin, the temperature is -2 to -10 degrees, with rains, but no snow as yet...
I expected my skin to dry a bit, as the last time, it became super oily sometimes, and then extreme dry at times. I just couldnt understand the condition of my skin, whether i had to moisturise or not...

This time, its altogether a different story, in this weather too, my skin feels at home....I was trying to figure out, what was the thing that i did differently....

So its here....

I have been a Nivea body lotion fan since childhood, cos my uncles, as with typical Keralites, their uncles are abroad, and they almost have a year supply of Nivea, and Yardley....
But with age, i realized Nivea is too oily for me, and i stopped using it....However during my onsite trip, i prefer carry Nivea, also this time i took on Ayur Body care lotion...
The ayur body lotion had been lying on my shelves for long time, since i got it free for purchasing lot of Ayur products :P

What it claims:
This extra rich moisturizer maintains the natural moisture balance. Its smooth creamy ingredients leave the skin looking and feeling velvetty, smooth to touch and is great for normal to dry skin...

Use twice daily on your body for a soft and youthful appearance

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Vit E, Aloe Vera extract

Price: 40 Rs for 100 ml

1) Its says that its suitable for normal to dry skin, but i find it perfect for me as well
2) The consistency is not creamy, its just perfect, easy to apply
3) The bottle has a slim packaging, which is easy to carry while you travel
4) Moisturises my skin without making me oily
5) The days when i feel i just dont require it, i just apply the moisturiser, keep it for 30 mins, and then have a bath...... i think many of the oily skin girls do this
6) The price is super good, smell is good
7) Its been 2 weeks, i still have 1/4 bottle with me

None, for the price it delivers much more than it should

Honestly, i prefer this to Vaseline, or Nivea, its just perfect for me

Will i buy: Ofcourse i will, no two ways about it :D......

Would you to recommend it to others: Yes Yes, rather than buying fancy expensive body lotions, give this a try, nothing much to lose just 40 bucks ;)


  1. Wow..i love nivea too and thought there would be nothing better than it...must try this

  2. Hey, what a gr8 find! I haven't really tried any Ayur products yet coz the very weird & tacky packaging puts me off. But I guess if, what's inside it is so good, then we should try this out.. Thks for sharing :)

  3. wud surely try dis...i love trying skin care products..n have like so many nw :p

  4. well after hearing so much form u about Ayur..I really got to try them up:)

  5. @Mehak: pls do it, it rocks :)
    @Tanveer: i too hated the packaging, i thought it was too cheap, but when i travelled, i realized it requires less space, and is efficient
    @Bhumika: :), me too have so many products lying around
    @Anamika: you actually made me write this post, else i would have conveniently forgotten :)


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