Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maybelline New York Expert Wear Blush in Apricot Flush.

Well i am relatively new to makeup, so this would be my second blush maybe...and reading so many blogs just entices you to buy products, and now i have a envious makeup range i must say, Thanks to all the bloggers.

Anyways on to the product:

What it claims: Expert Wear Blush with jet milled spherical powders provides soft, true, fade-free natural color for hours and hours.Silky soft texture blends evenly and easily.Oil free.Non comedogenic - Won't clog pores.Dermatologist tested.

Price: 215 or so, dont exactly remember, as always the excitement to use it make me throw the cover :(

My experience with the product:

Peachy blush with golden shimmers in it, and i must say, its looks just perfect for Indian skin tone
Packaging is good, can slip into my already crowded bag with ease :P
Couple of strokes and you are ready to go, this is the best part of it, for first timers who end up looking like a disco bowl cos of the shimmer, this is the best blush, cos you just cant go wrong...The shimmer is so subtle that it makes it well for office wear as well
I so love the price
The quantity, this is going to last me for a long time i must say :)
The staying power, i am not happy with the staying power, in one hour its all gone...there is no sign that i ever applied one....

Will i buy: Yes n No, i think, by the time it finishes, they might come up with something which has a longer staying power, and i would prefer that anyday


  1. Hey sounds great!! I also don't use much of blush...But would love to try this one.

  2. blush is of no use if it doesnt have staying power..try colorbar..it stays for longer..or use a blush tint before u use any blush..works for me:)

  3. @rakhshanda: well yes its a good budget blush

  4. @anamika: i am so tempted to buy colorbar blushes, just a wee bit confused between buying plum brown or just earth, which do you think is good as a bronzer

  5. @Rentu i have just earth and its absolutely lovely! I don know i you could use it as a bronzer though- once its on your cheeks- it looks much lighter..

  6. @Mehak: hey thanks for the suggestion, m all set for Just earth then...Thankies :D

  7. hey rentu yaar I love the blush too and yup even I have my gripes abt the staying power but I guess i like it much to actually complain too much. its an amazing blush

  8. try colorbar peachy rose too..both peachy rose n just earth r on my list...

  9. Sounds nice, except for the staying power bit. :)

    I hope you are enjoying your forey into blushes :D

  10. @imw: ya me too at hindsight think that its a good blush, but the staying power had it been worked on, it would have been the greatest
    @bhumika: thnks sweetie, they now are on my list too ;)
    Tanveer: yes m enjoying but my purse is not ;)

  11. Hi Rentu dear,

    I just followed you...After you left a commetn only i knew you wre following me!!Sorry for the delay...:)



  12. @sameena: thanks for followng


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