Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nivea fruity shine lipbalm: Dragon Fruit Flavor

An honest confession, i am more of a lipbalm person, and less of a lipstick person. You would see a phenomenal count of lipbalms, but just a lipstick for me.

I hate the drying effect that the lipstick has, its basically a personally choice, that i tilt towards the lip balms...

The best ones that i have liked are the ones by, Lotus, Nivea, and the one that i got from Sheer cover.

Getting down to the product

What it claims:
Provides daily moisturising care and contains natural ingredients Almond oil, Jojoba oil and Shea Butter
• Effectively protects your lips from drying out
• Gives your lips an exciting fruity flavour and a shimmering colour 

I am not sure of the SPF part, as i dumped the packet, and the tube doesnt have any mention of it...Its a highly fancy packaging if you can see, but provides no info :(

And since this has been discontinued, the website doesnt have mention of it....

Price: 129 rs for 4.5 gm

My experience

A brief about my lips, i have pigmented lips, which dont show color to that extent, but they are very rarely dry or chapped, which means, a little moisture could go a long way for me


1) I found it fairly moisturising, i have been using it for a long time, and i can say its good for me. But if i have to compare with Lotus Cherry lip balm, then Lotus is way ahead on the moisturising aspect

2) I love the color, I so love the color, it is a fantastic replacement for the lipstick, which i anyways dont own much, i hope to win some from giveaways though :P. It shows on me, and it looks nice :D

3) I like the packaging, i have been carrying it always in my purse, and doing train journeys and it has worked fine for me

4) I like the sheer tint, it doesnt make me look OTT, and just perfect for office wear

5) A single application works for me

6) I reapply it after every hour, i guess its just cos i am a big lip balm addict, i dont know whether it has to be put in the pro or con section, as i cant be honest about it. I just have the habit of applying lip balms over and over again :(

7) Availabilty at almost all places

1) None, or maybe the moisturisation part, and also mentioning about the contents in the tube as well, for people like me dump the packets :P
2) And oh yes, i would want more of shades from them. I actually wanted to buy the Pomegranate flavour, but it was out of stock, sigh

Would you buy: Ofcourse yes, i guess my chemist store, has lot of stock, cos i believe it has been discontinued :'(

Recommend it: Yes to the people who dont require much of moisturisation but prefer a sheer tint in their lipbalms

For moisturisation i guess, Lotus cherry is the coming soon, i so love it, got in on Poohkie's recommendation:


  1. Hey great review!!! I would love to buy this...But I read somewhere that the smell is bad.Is it so?

  2. the smell is not great, but not actually bad, i found it ok, i have made peace with the smell, cos the shade is awesome

  3. hey i too have dis..its very good...n leaves a nice pink tint i agree nt moisturising n in an hr d whole moisture effect goes away :(

  4. i loved lips hardly need moisturization:)

  5. I love these nivea tinted balms. They're amazing!

  6. @Jay: yep dear
    @bhumika: ya the moisturisation is not the great
    @anamika: again same pinch dear
    @Poohkie: i cant agree more ;)

  7. @anamika: not busy, just different timezones :(

  8. They discontinued this?? :( I was hoping to get this after my nivea cherry is finished

  9. @sharon: hey they started with pomogranate flavor, which is also very good :D

  10. hi dear..nice review i hv the strawberry 1 n even i apply it evry now n then lol

  11. hey any idea wat color does the nivea fruity shine in cherry flavor gives????

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