Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lotus Herbals Natural Blend Blusher in Iced Mauve

This is another of my favourite product that i won from the Giveaway...

Description: Touch-on colour softly shimmers with new lighting effect that subtly defines face and enhance complexion. Illuminates as it sculpts for a look that's simply radiant.

Price: 349 Rs

The shade that i received was an iced muave.
It is on the slightly darker side of pink shade, more or less a purply pink color, with just hints of purple and more of pink, if i may say so.

My experience:

1) The first time i saw it, i was confused about the color, me being wheatish in complexion, purply pink was kind of a question...But on application i found it sometimes similar to peachy rose, or purply pink shade... I hope i am not confusing you, i actually went to the colorbar counter, with a swatch of this, and compared it with Just earth, and Peachy pink, and found it to be a median between the two.
After my this experience i was sure i had a gem in my hands....Honestly i have to admit, i am bad with colors, so had to go through this experience, cause m way too shy to try things which i am not comfortable with
2) The pigmentation is good enough, and is buildable
3) The packaging is a class apart, comes in a rich red and gold compact box with a click open lid. You should see the packaging, i bet none of the blushes have such cool packaging.
4) The color looks great
5) Staying power is great, it stays with my Pond TM for 2 hours
6) This is one color, which both the fair skinned and dark skin tones would equally like is my gut instinct
7) All natural ingredients

Cons: None

Would i recommend: Buy it for sure

I have been using this everyday, since it doesnt look OTT for your office ;)


  1. Sounds like a good buy, will try it after my colorbar blushes get done with :)

  2. Sounds great..will surely give it a try!!

  3. tat sounds great. will check it out at the lotus counter

  4. i too have this though have not used it much till now.

  5. Wah sounds like a great product but I haven't seen it around here sadly. Thanks for your comment on my blog btw. ^^

  6. Glad u liked it Rentu..I have Tea Rose shade of this and love it too :-)

  7. @tanveer: oh yes, we girls are crazy, just keep on adding things
    @rakhshanda: yes dear
    @anju: ya, do try it, cos its completely herbal
    @kalmo: you are welcome
    @poornima: thanks yaa

  8. I didn't know. Youve got such a nice blog! why didn't you put up your blog id in the link along with you profile?


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