Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Loreal Mirror shine shampoo

For me "Variety is the spice of life", and i stick to this quote completely. I just cant hang on to one products for long....I am always looking for change, and for hair products i dont think twice, its only for the skincare stuff that i do some research as it is on problematic side..
So here's my tryst with Loreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine shampoo

Price: Rs 72 for 100 ml

Pearl Protein ComplexMirror shine, cashmere touch
Medium to Long Hair That's Normal to Fine
* Gently cleanses without weighing hair down
* Ignites glossy, healthy shine
* Transforms limp into light and bouncy
Before using Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo and Conditioner: Normal to fine hair can be limp and without shine due to build-up.

After using Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo and Conditioner: Hair shines brightly with a pure clean touch, not weighed down.

Recommended by the hair experts at L'Oreal, Nutri Gloss with a Pearl Protein Complex infuses hair with mirror shine and a cashmere soft touch.

My experience:

1) Nice pink bottle, looks really cute
2) Smells good, consistency of the shampoo is also good
3) Price is good

1) As per the claim, you have shiny hair, but i didnt find it like that
2) I didnt find any exceptional change in the quality of my hair, nothing at all

Will i buy: No, for me its just a mediocre shampoo, i would like to try more stuff rather than sticking to it.


  1. Haven't tried this - will not get it now :)

  2. I haven't used this, but I was eying this a while back. I've tried 2 other loreal shampoos though - the one with the Aishwarya ad & the light brown one with argan oil. Both are so-so and actually leave my hair feeling a bit rough. Glad I didn't buy this.

  3. oh god! thanks for the review. have always wanted to buy this and now.....never!

  4. I have used this and it didn't do anything to m hair...Total waste money...

  5. ohh even i had thot of getting dis..wont now..m happy with my herbal essences..:p

  6. Thanks for Review dear...Loreal products are my fav...truly fantastic..
    Tasty appetite

  7. I have used it and my experience is same as your :)

  8. @tanveer: yes i wouldnt recommend it, its just a mediocre shampoo
    @poohkie: hey i liked the argan oil one, will put in my review
    @anju: :)
    @ssg: same here

  9. @bhumika: ya dont buy it
    @jay: u r welcome
    @anamika: its not a great shampoo yaa

  10. I tried this . its makes my hair soft but a little sticky which becomes 'very' sticky on the day after. Won't repurchase this

  11. i dont like any loreal hair products!!! all sucks


  13. @aswathy: hey thanks for dropping by

  14. i bought this shampoo last week & truet me its superb..i had used almost all the loreal shampoos,i wasnt that happy with the same.hence i tried the pink one after my friend gave me good reviews for the same.its simply hair now weights lighter,they are smoother & i can easily run through my hand from my hair. just 2 washes gave me this gives gd result with or without conditioner. good value for money.

  15. total waste of money bullshitttt


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