Sunday, December 12, 2010

Garnier Body Cocoon moisturising lotion

I love body lotions, and i am a sucker for mild fragrance lingering throughout the day. I have a normal skintype when it comes to my body, and my face is forever oily.

My requirement for moisturation is very less, as in winters also my skin behaves well. I have been using St ives, Ayur's, Vaseline, and Nivea body lotion as i get bored with the same thing. So i thought of choosing Garnier for this winters

What it claims: Garnier Body Cocoon moisturising lotion will soothe and restore the skin’s suppleness, leaving it feeling unbelievably soft. Its creamy yet light texture is instantly absorbed into the skin-enveloping it in a nourishing cocoon of softness, leaving it deliciously fragranced. It has nutritive fruit oils from apricots, olives, blackcurrants and avocados to deliver an immediate burst of moisture to the skin.
Visible Results: Dry skin appears transformed Visibly smoother, Noticeably softer

Price: 130 rs, i got it on a discounted price, as there was some offer going on.

My experience:
1) Its a creamy lotion, its pretty decent in moisturising, but nothing that i can actually boast of.
2) The texture is good, gets absorbed easily, infact after a minute there is no sign of you applying anything.
3) Doesnt leave the skin oily
4) Pricing is good
5) Packaging is good, easy to handle, no spillage

1) As it is creamy doesnt spread fast
2) The fragrance is so mild, that i dont even realize that i have applied anything, doesnt please my senses, this is the major con for me
3) The moisturisation is not that great, i dont think it can be any good for dry skin, as for a normal skinned person it doesnt deliver the result

Will i buy: Nope
I guess my review for this product would be far too critical as i have been comparing it subconsicously with St Ives, and Ayur a lot, and i would definetely rate both St Ives and Ayur a notch higher.


  1. When I used dis I really liked it but we don't really have harsh winters.But ur rite dat it isn't as good as st. ives

  2. I had used this right when it was launched about 4 years ago & I hated it! It didn't moisturise at all & smelt nauseating! Uff - that fragrence wld give me headaches :P

  3. my face is oily but my arms and legs are super duper dry....i have used this before.....was lured in by the citrusy smell and cute cute cute packaging but ended up hating it. great review.

  4. hmm many hates of this not buying it :D

  5. I have used this long back..but never was fond of the product as it never gave a kind of tightening effect to my skin. hates.

  6. Hi Rentu, me too having similar views as yours :D

  7. @sharon: i like st ives or ayur more...

    @tanveer: i loved the description, ufffff...exactly i just find the fragrance soothing at all

    @anju: hehe

    @anamika: waste hai yaar, not worth trying

    @Poornima: i too dont hate it, but i dont like it either

    @beautydiva: same pinch

  8. dat so..i got mine after all gud reviews...:p
    have to use it now to see..:D

  9. hie rentu...where r u nowadays...everything al right:)

  10. aaahh.. u on leave..enjoy the vacation :)

  11. @aswathy: yep st ives is my fav too
    @anamika: yes dear


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