Monday, December 27, 2010

Oriflame Hair Daily Care Leave in Conditoner

I have been on a long long Xmas vacation, gorging on homemade rose cookies, chakli, plum cakes, and various kind of appam with chicken curry....While i have been enjoying my Christmas vacation to the fullest, and lending a helping hand to Mom by trying to be of any help to her in cooking up the delicacies, i so so missed the blogosphere...

Trust me, there is so much to catch up, so many post to read upon, and keep up with the blogging world...its gonna take some time sure...Oh yes, and here's wishing everyone a veryy Merry belated Happy Xmas

So here comes a post in the middle of my vacation, :)

Product description: Effective spray with HydraPlus complex that helps to take away tangles and leaves hair hydrated, less frizzy and less flyaway. Spray onto damp, just-washed hair and don’t rinse. Make it part of your daily hair care routine

Price: 298 rs, for 150 ml

My experience:
1) Comes in a spray bottle, handy packaging, easy to carry around, its a part of my travel baggage
2) Smells great, the sublte smells which lingers throughout the day, i like it for this
3) Lightweight doesnt make ur hair limpy at all, it feels its a fragranced water like consistency, unlike other conditoner, which are kind of sticky

1) Does no good to your hair, except for the fragrance part
2) I have thick hair, which tend to get entangled, but this just doesnt help
3) You require lots of it, to see it working

Will i recommend: Its not meant for thick hair, its only would work for naturally gifted straight hair, to make it look more beautiful and smell great, and not for unruly hair at all....

I managed to finish the bottle only cos i loved the fragrance...I applied it over another serum, so that i get the advantage of the fragrance....


  1. Hey Rentu, i was going to review this thing...and i think its a waste of doesn't do anything..i feel like I'm spraying water on my hair...I want my money back......

  2. welcome back girl...enjoying so much at home makes me miss my momie so much :((

    i have never tried it ..I am using loreal serum nowadays .finding it pretty good till now:)

  3. Thanks for saving my money Rentu. I was about to purchase it no way :))

  4. nice review rentu, I don't use any serum for my hair.Hey I'm missing your recipes of delicious foods.

  5. hey belated merry christmas..welcum back..nice review..

  6. Thks for the heads up on this one - this is on my never to buy list now :)

  7. great review. it seems like a nice product.

    btw, check out my blog and holiday giveaway

  8. @ssg: i thought it was just fragrance water, nothing else, what a waste of money

    @anamika: thanks dearie

    @rakshanda: recipes would come soon dear

  9. @bhumika: thanks yaa
    @tanveer: you are welcome
    @fruity lashes: will do so,thanks


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