Thursday, December 30, 2010

Revlon Touch and Glow fairness cream

At times you find your perfect companion at the most wierdest place. I am quite a regular person at the Pune Central Mall, in one of my normal conversation with the Revlon Counter SA, i was told about the Touch and Glow range. She asked me to try the cream, but here comes the twist, she said, its only available at the Chemist shop, and at the counter she has the lotion. I asked is the lotion better or the cream, her answer was the cream.

She recommended me the cream for the reasons...

1) I sweat a lot
2) I have a problem with the foundation getting darker as time passes by....

Here's my tryst with the wonderful product....

Product Description: Advanced Fairness Cream with Vitamin Agent and Dual Sunscreen for a fairer complexion. Contains honey as a key ingredient which works as a natural moisturizer, nourishes the skin and keeps it smooth and supple.

Price: Rs.125/- for 50g


1) Convenient tube packaging, nothing fancy about it
2) It gives a healthy glow to my face, there is no tint, but a healthy glow, and i dont suffer the problem with my foundation getting darker by the day
3) Perfect moisturising, i like the fact that it has honey
4) Lightweight
5) Its the perfect inexpensive daily wear stuff that you are looking for
6) No breakouts

Cons: None, except for the fact that i had a tough time finding it, as none of the Revlon counters in Pune that i know had this, i got it from a chemist store.

Tip: I mix this cream and Ponds tinted moisturiser for my daily wear, and for special days, i apply foundation over this. This works like magic for me...I love it


  1. is this fine for oily skin..u have oily skin na ?
    like d cream texture not heavy ?

  2. i was dying to try gonna get one today...

  3. does it leave any pinkish tint???

  4. wow i liked the idea..mix it with tinted moisturizer..:)

  5. is this good for oily skin...and hey rentu, i know its late.......but, happy new year!!!!

  6. @bhumika: its great for oily skin
    @ssg: :)
    @aswathy: no tint, i wish it would have tinit, then it would be just perfect

  7. @anamika: thankies
    @anju: yes dear, its great for oilies, wish u the same dear

  8. nice post!
    I like your suggestion and your rating the products

    come and visit my blog and become my follower , I'll do back

    ave (Italy)

  9. @the white cabbage: thanks for visiting

  10. Hey
    Happy new year, I’ve been silently reading your blog for a while now, and as part of my 2011 resolutions i decided to blog and actually comment on the blogs I follow...So im dropping by to say Hi :)
    ♥ Abi

  11. @abi: wish u the same
    thanks for dropping by


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