Monday, January 10, 2011

Maybelline Chai Latte Quad

With my makeup obsession just catching up pace, i am into a phase of stuffing my almirah with many cosmetic prodcuts....
After having an interesting foray into the world of blushes, and carrying it off rather well, i thought of taking the next obvious plunge and landing the world of eyeshadows...

Since its just a baby step in a new world, i wanted something basic, which would not make me conscious, and a look could be built which i can carry off almost everyday...Reading through many blogs and on Anju's suggestion from, i got this :)...Thanks Anju

Price: 245 Rs/-

My experience with the product

1) Nice colors, which go along well with each other...The colors seem to be pretty much in sync with each other, they dont appear to be from different parts of the world.
2) Easy to apply
3) Stays for long hours, even without applying a primer, mine stayed for 2-3 hours, good enuf, i think
4) Packaging is good
5) Pricing is decent
6) Fits my bill perfectly of giving the perfect officewear look
7) My fav shade is dark brown eyeshadow, and topping it with the shimmery eyeshadow just a bit, and it looks reallie nice

Cons: None for me...i loved them, now i think i would be buying the time for wine from maybelline

Do let me know if you have better suggestions for buying an eyeshadow, as now i intend to try some dramatic eyemakeup looks, too much of the plain Jane you see ;)


  1. This quad is perfect for an officewear look.
    I think you should try the seafrost shades too...they are even better:))

  2. ohh i have this one and it was my first eye maybelline quad..i love it and have used it so much..i love the dark chocolaty brown colour which gives a matte finish:)

  3. I've Sea frost and this one for regular use however even the dark brown doesn't show up well on my eyes.I need to apply so many time for faint colour

  4. This was one of my first eyeshadows - they are nice, but try using a base/primer with it - you'll be amazed how much it improves the color payoff with this quad.

  5. i hv read so many rave reviews on it..guess i shud go for it finally!
    Vanity No Apologies

  6. wow! am so glad that u r loving this!!! its absolutely fab and am sure you wont regret buying time for wine either.Thats also really pretty!try using a primer underneath and it will stay longer. :)

  7. @rakhshanda: thanks yaa, next on my to buy list
    @anamika: me too, i like the same one
    @zee bee: thanks for dropping by, for me it works fine

  8. @tanveer: same pinch, me too its the first one, sure would try it with a primer
    @vanity: yup u shud
    @anju: thanks for the suggestion,
    @bhmika: me too started loving it


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