Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fab india Vitamin E dipigmentation creame

For a long time, i have been fighting a lame battle against my long time blemishes... I have a proper blend of acne spots, some dark, some light...

I had been trying to follow a proper skin care routine, but never had the time or the inclination maybe...I was far too in the comfort zone. After getting hooked to the beauty blog, i thought its the right time, and never too late to start with something good.

I read reviews about this product which were good but equally scary, with people discussing about ingredients like Kojic acid, and Hydroquinine...
For a person like me, who never even reads the contents, these was an eyeopener....I realized, that i should look into the contents as well...But since i admit i do not have the brains to assess what is good and what is bad, i take the safer route, of first checking it out with my trusted bloggers, and only then applying....

Here goes my tryst with this creme..

What the product claims: An intensive skin lightener and natural depigmentation treatment that evens out the skin tone. It hinders melanin production to prevent skin from darkening, removes age spots, freckles and blemishes.
Contains no harmful bleaches and is hydroquinone free

Price: 225Rs

My experience with the product

1) Its got a thick creme base, which ideally an oily skin would hate. But since i take a very less quantity and apply it in the night, i never faced a problem
2) Its greasy, but manageable
3) Good for minor blemishes, actually lightens the spot. this takes a while, i started getting results only after one month of religiously applying in the night.
4) After using it for a month, the bottle is still 3/4 full, and i believe its gonna last for 6 months for sure
5) No breakouts

Cons: None, i didnt face any problems with the creme at all. But a word of caution, please dont apply if you have a sensitive skin, and do google for the ingredients kojic acid and check if you are comfortable with it. I bought it, since it was from a trusted brand Fab india. Also dont expect miracles from the product, its a moisturising creame and not a dermatologist specified spot treatment cream.


  1. even I have this with me.but i am never consistent, so i have no idea as to how well it works.guess I have to give it another shot

  2. Not tried this one...but sounds good! Nice review Rentu:)

  3. I heard a lot..but as u sd..it cums in a big jar which no1 wud use..I thnk dey shd cum out wit smaller qty too..

  4. @anju: hey try it for a month, you would get results, my darker spots have become very light

    @rakhshanda: thanks

    @bhumika: i agree...

  5. is it a type of anti ageing cream or any one can use it?? m 20 yrs of age

    1. it is not an anti ageing cream, but a depigmentation cream, which could help with dark spots with regular usage

  6. thanks rentu..:) but i have one more question.. can i use it at this age ? m just 20 wud you suggest?? i feel i have little freckles

  7. and also wud it harm my skin in long run..? because the posts that i read about this cream said " it worked wonders for my mother" n similar stuff "P

  8. I gotto try this one.. Following You :)



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