Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cheat ways to look thinner

Who doesnt want to look thin, after all LEAN IS IN...Just came across an article, which to a large extent made sense to me of simpler ways to look thin...Here's sharing the same with you :)

1) COLOUR COOL: You appear thinner if you don’t break up your clothing into two halves. Instead of a top and skirt or top and trouser, go for a dress that hugs your body but not too tight.

Stick to black or dark shades. And if you have to wear skirts, make sure the thinner part of your torso has a bright colour, and the heavier part is covered with a dark shade.

2) BUST IT: The one thing that you must make sure is that you are wearing the most flattering bra that compliments the dress you are wearing for the party. The goal, according to experts, is to create as much space between your waist and chest so that your torso appears longer and leaner.

3) V- SHAPE WORKS: If you’re getting a sexy top, make sure it’s not round shaped at the neck or it won’t look sexy on you. The trick is to know what suits your body type, and V- shaped is the best bet when you want to appear thinner than you actually are.

The V shape optically elongates and narrows your neck and chest area.

4) CORSET CONTROL: There’s a reason shapewear flies off the shelves especially fast during the festive season.

The only thing to make sure before buying shapewear is to make sure it isn’t too tight. Or else, instead of looking thinner you’ll draw attention to your tyres and love handles.

5) NOTHING TOO SHINY & SILKY: Purge your wardrobe of high fat clothing and accessories. Some of the worst offenders include oversized T- shirts, sleeveless shirts ( if you have arm flab), any shoe that cuts you off at the ankle, and shiny satin skirts as they accentuate every bulge.

Most of the points, i think are pretty easy to acheive, and the results are going to flattering. Based on my experience i find the 3rd and 5th point spot on...i follow them religiously :P


  1. I liked the cheat ways :D :D I could never try shapewear..I would just die of suffocation !

  2. nice tips, yeah shape wear are amazing :)

  3. @rads: me too cant think of shapewear
    @tanveer: thanks
    @abi: thanks, me bit apprehensive of shapewear though
    @rakshanda: thanks
    @anks: thanks
    @nivedita: thanks

  4. no shapewear for n V neck always work ..

  5. Haha..nice cheat ways Rentu :) ANother great way is to wear a top with a thick black strip on the sides and another colour in the centre...makes it look like yr waiste is much thinner than it is..


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