Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oriflame Gloss booster lip gloss

This is first gloss that i ever got, and i have been using it for a good enough time. So thought of reviewing it

Product description: Five delectably juicy shades of ultra-shiny, semi-sheer liquid lip gloss. Bursting with colour and flavour, they’re fun to wear and ultra-portable. With no-mess applicator tip. 12 ml.

Price: 279 rs, i got it a discounted price of 200 or something a year back
The shade i got was sugar glaze

1) Gives a nice shine to the lips
2) Moisturising yes
3) Good staying power
4) Fragrance is decent, nothing to reallie boast of, but neither annoying
5) Good packaging, easily slips into your bag
6) The color suits me, its an adorable color

1) Sticky, sticky, and i hate this feeling
2) Kind of difficult to apply cos of the sticky texture
3) I think its pricey

Would you recommend it: No, i think the sticky feeling is such a turn off for me, i would not ask anyone to buy it, though the color is an adorable one


  1. i have never tried oriflame lip gloss.thanx for the review

  2. ohh .thanks for the review girl..will avoid it:)

  3. I have this gloss and love it. The stickiness is not an issue with me. It plumps my my lips and makes them so luscious. Love it

  4. Great review Rentu! Will give it a try once.

  5. i get confused by colors in catalog..:(

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  7. @anju, anamika: i like the shade but its so sticky that it annoys me big time
    @nivedita: ya lot of my friends love it, but i find the stickiness annoying
    @rakhshanda: thanks

  8. @bhumika: hehe
    @the white cabbage: thanks
    @tanveer: yes me too love the shade


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